Titleist T100 Iron VS 718 AP2 Iron – Is New Model Better!?

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I compare the new 2019 Titleist T100 Iron against the 718 AP2 Iron to see if the newer version is out performance the amazing popular AP2.

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pdxwilliam says:

I have 714 AP2's in the bag and though I hate to see them go, they need to be replaced. Thanks to this video, I'm deciding to pull the trigger on the T100 rather than the 718. Great video.

John Bloomquist says:

I just got fitted last night and switched from the 2016 AP1 to the T100 "s" and i'm so excited for them to come in the mail. The change was just unbelievable between the two. I'm a 4.5 handicap so I didn't really need such big irons like the AP1.

mlb shark says:

there is two pros that went back to the ap2s so im guessing the ap2s have a better feel maybe ?

B Johnson says:

With these clubs and Titleist holding to the standard lofts, comparisons to say Taylormade with lofts nearly a club different is difficult.
The AP2s look better than the T 100 IMO… better graphics on the back (as if it matters). But with the specs so close, I guess it becomes a consideration.
To throw the AP2s in the garage and buy the T 100s … there isnt enough there for me. The evolution of the clubs seems to be dwindling…
the increments less and less.
Just remember, Johnny Miller won the 1973 US Open with 1947 Macgregor irons.
Great swing BTW.

Rudolph Moller says:

Hi Mike, nice review. I currently play 714 AP2. Does not look like its worth switching to the T100.
I enjoyed your review of the Mizuno MP 20 irons. I think the problem is that you hit the ball so well, that there was not a big difference between the muscle back, MMC and HMB.
Could you please compare the Mizuno MP 20 MMC and the Mizuno 919 forged?
Great channel.

Robert B says:

Was your clubhead speed slightly faster with the T100?

Ayjie says:

Havnt changed since ap2 714 basically ?‍♂️ I've looked at every test, but a pro wouldnt want it to go further for consistency

Shtb S says:

More left side…

allo cromeau says:

Pretty much the same….since 2012

Matt Aamold says:

First one to do a comparison of thoese two irons. I hit a T100 the other day and it was too light compared to the MB/CB that I also hit. Hopefully that was a mistake by the bigbox store and they had grabbed a lighter fitting club.

Keith Urien says:

First time seeing this channel…this guy has a great swing!

Chris McMillon says:

I really do enjoy these videos. I also know this is a small data set, but what I don’t like is how the data is displayed. I am sure there are bad shots, but I think to do small comparison like this everything should be included, or the criteria should be set on which data points are excluded. For instance, your fourth shot was missed pin high right and went 167 yards. That shot was not on the data grid. Was this because it brought the ball speed number down??? Interestingly enough, your next shot, is actually 4 shots later. Shot 14 -> Shot 18 on the quad. I understand the power of editing, but take a few seconds to explain why certain things are omitted.

ClearSkies says:

All the hype from the big brand manufacturers claiming this and that! Ain’t gonna improve your game at all! So I call it Tales from the Caddyshack.

William Miller says:

I'm currently playing the black AP2. Been playing them since March. The minimum increase in ball speed and distance increase wouldn't convince me to run out and purchase the T100.

Peter Martinaitis says:

I want to hit my seven iron straighter not further.

Gary Smith says:

Old one will be cheaper end off no brainer

mark walker says:

718 ap2 are staying in the bag.

Dave Fawkes says:

Good review Michael. Only thing I’d like to see is swing speed, that way we could see if the ball speed was up purely due to the club, or maybe you were able to swing it quicker for some reason ??

Kiel Varley says:

Would be interested in a T100 v MP20 MMC, maybe with the MMC weakened to the same loft as the T100….Good review here though.

Stories with Aly says:

Will be trying these out soon only because I had shortlisted the ap2 before I decided on and went with the tp760 which I am very happy with. But may look to add the new hybrid to my set to replace my srixons as want something with less offset and have the ts woods.

Tigerburningbright says:

Have u loft and lied these clubs? The t100 could be 67 lie with the double plus and 33 degrees or loft. These tests are invalid due to manufacture tolerances

TLG says:

What was the club speed? Without that info, the ball speed data value is limited.

Brandon Grimes says:

718 AP2'er here…. looks like i'm sticking with the AP2 unless i just got money to blow lol

Robert Tudor says:

Great honest review MNG. Like others im waiting for the MP20s 🙂

Elongated Musket says:

The irons i just bought vs the the irons i was going to wait for….. my wallet is going to hate me

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