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TITLEIST T100 IRONS reviewed and tested by golf professional Mark Crossfield. Mark hits the new Titleist T100 irons from Titleist golf and talks spin number, launch and distance. See what the T100 irons could do for your golf game and if they are an improvement on prior Titleist irons. Titleist golf have been making golf clubs for years with the very popular TS driver range through to the tour standard Vokey wedges Titleist know what players want and need in their golf games. Have they achieved what they want for the TS200 range of golf clubs and could they help you with your golf game and help you to play some better golf.

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TellTheDriver says:

Hi! Love the channel!

I'm wondering which one of the Titleist 620cb or T100 is more similar to Mizuno mp63?

Bill Uransel says:

Did you try the T100s’s?

Create says:

Best looking range out, currently gaming the ap2s but I’ll be looking into the same range in the future.

J Richard says:

Would you recommend T100 4-6 and CB 7-9?

Liam Thomas says:

Has anyone tried the “S” model? Thoughts?

Ian Shepherd says:

are you planning on reviewing the t100s? i know its just stronger lofts but nobody has much out about them

Real HIFI Help says:

Is it just me, or are the newer titleist irons just really but ugly? I miss the titleist 962b look and the 990b.

Tim Tranberg says:

Finally replaced my 714 cb's with s300's that have been amazing for 5 years for the t100 with x100's today. These irons are so forgiving (for someone that is used to play a players iron) and the numbers they produce are insane. my avg was 91mph clubhead speed, 132 mph ball speed and 6400 spin with 182 yds carry with a 7 iron.

Jordan Morga says:

thinner top line then what? ahaha

Justa Christian says:

AP, AP, AP. There, I said it!

E MaK says:

That was an awesome description of the difference in feel between blade-blade and a helped blade. 10:10 in. Nice.

DK 5 says:

Bought a new set of T100 5 to AW. Can't wait !!!!!!!!

A Nomad says:

looking to replace my titleist 762 set… will check if there's a difference on a GCQuad … am a little skeptical they'll be much difference to be honest.

sergioca says:

Are them too much difficult for a 20 hcp or not?

Chicken Lips says:

Just bought a combo set of the T100 in 4,5 & 6. CB620 in 7, 8, 9 & PW. Killer

Damian Hackett says:

Tried them. Loved them. Bought them. ?

Anthony Chapa says:

Avoiding saying AP2 like it's Voldemort.


i was looking at zsrr tanks…i came here :/

Prima Facie says:

Just had a custom fit with the Mizuno MP20 range and 919Tours, but surprised myself by preferring the look (from address) and feel of the T100 over all of the beautiful new Mizuno range. Don’t like the back of the T100 iron but damn they were good to use (hdcp 7 currently use 716 CB). One advantage of T100 is I could game a full consistent set, with good gapping between pitch and 4 iron.

Prima Facie says:

Thinner top line than what???

swalker9513 says:

A friend just got a set of T100s. Wow, they are good looking clubs. He let me hit a few shots. They are very nice, and they make my Callaway Apex irons look like big chunks. Really nice clubs.

Peter Dowding says:

The Titleist AP2’s feel and look more premium.

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