Titleist T100-S Irons Review

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Titleist T100-S Irons are forged player's cavity golf clubs designed to give you control, precision, and maximum distance with every shot. Rick Hatfield, head golf pro and TGW's resident product expert, puts them to the test in our exclusive video review. Learn more about the T100-S irons nad get yours at TGW: http://bit.ly/3937aM8


Peter Albertsson says:

I love mine!

Joost Rabou says:

Still waiting for them, ordered march 3th.

A Hol says:

Great review! I Got mine on order I can't wait for Titleist to be begin filling orders again!

D_ says:

so this iron only come in RH?

Ken M says:

300rpm spin can be recovered by changing the shaft and maintaining the length? like KBS tour 90

Stephen DiBari says:

Great review.

Luke Warmwater says:

This is the first real comparison with the standard t100s. Nice job ?

Jim Farrell says:

These look very nice. Excellent review.

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