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The new Titleist T series irons have three new model, the T100, T200 and T300. The T100, T200 and T300 irons will replace the AP irons and there is some impressive technology within the heads. With Max Impact Technology they offer improved performance on of centre strikes to give the best performance ever for Titleist irons.


Fernando Barbosa says:

Interesting. Going to a fitment session next week. Love the idea of T200 irons with the longer irons being T300, like the 3 and 4 iron. See how I get on. Good video as always

Simon Coll says:

Super clarity and brilliant stats confirming my recent fitting for the 300’s was spot on, thanks Ali!

John McDonnell says:

Very god presentation and explanation. I found that I'm leaning toward the T200 but it is hard to ignore the distance from the T330 irons. Are the T300's workable because I use Callaway Rogue's now and trying to hit a fade is almost impossible.

Jonathan Colon says:

Can you combo T100 and T200?

Richard-Anthony Gilbey says:

The T100 is super accurate for carving shots out but tough to play with, The T200 is an awesome all round club and probably the club most guys should buy, The T300 is just a set of earphones for when Ping walk past

Justin Stephenson says:

Titleist really need to rethink their naming conventions throughout the club range – there is no consistency. Irons T100 (v.good golfer), T200 (decent player, needs distance) T300 (average to below average golfer). If the woods were named in a way which was consistent with the irons, TS1 would be for the very good player and the TS4 for the below average – of course it is the other way around.

I have now seen these clubs in my local shop. T300 does not suit my eye, too big, too thick top line – it is just a modern version of the big chunky monkey SGI irons of 10 years ago they do not have a SW, just a shovel with a long handle! The T200 & T100 are beautiful. I know some people have complained about the button on the back of the T200 being ugly – not to my eye. Being an i210 player I would gravitate to the T100 irons, but I would definitely like to try a combo set with T200 replacing the 4i-6i

Antti says:

Did you check the lofts with lie and loft machine? The t100 to t200 distance difference is small!

gabbagabba321 says:

If you wanted to combo t100 with the t200 you would probably have to have two irons of the same number to get the gaps right. I wonder if titleist would change it for custom fits.

Chris Prewett says:

I really enjoyed this review, you could definitely hear how soft the T100 was. The bit I don't get is why there is a 5 degree difference in the lofts across the three models? Surely a better comparison would be if the lofts were the same, or is it a combination of different loft combined with different technology?

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