Titleist T100 vs. T100S Irons | Power Spec Fitting | Trackman Test

The Titleist T100 and Titleist T100S irons are each designed for consistent ball-strikers, featuring a forged shallow cavity construction. However, the T100S model does have two fewer degrees of loft at each club, which can create differences in spin and distance, among other things.

In this video, 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell compares the Titleist T100 vs. T100S irons and breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of power spec fitting using Trackman technology.

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8 thoughts on “Titleist T100 vs. T100S Irons | Power Spec Fitting | Trackman Test

  1. Thanks for the comparison. Currently playing MP-18 from Mizuno. Similar design with 2 degrees of difference in their other model. I've been looking to get fit and would like to try these out.

  2. is it me or does the smash factor for these irons seem kind of high? I thought smash factor for irons always had to be lower than they are with woods/driver even when irons are hit flush?

  3. Great comparison… In march 2019 I was custom fit at Club Champion in NJ for Callaway Apex Pro Forged irons ‘19 which i used for the whole 2019 season (20 rounds). My Trackman stats for the 7 iron were Club Speed 80 mph; Ball Speed 108.5 mph; smash 1.36; Launch 18.0; Spin rate: 4465 rpm; carry 155.3 yards; Total 167.8 yards; Height 75 ft.; Side: 3.7R, attack angle -5.0 deg.

    Trackman didn’t give me Landing angle from my numbers, but based on a low height of only 75 ft. And low backspin of 4,465 rpm I’m assuming this was under 45 degrees. I sold these irons, i wasn’t happy with the numbers. 4,465 rpm on a 33 deg lofted 7 iron coupled with only 75 ft height isn’t a good combo. The fitting was done with premium balls that were at the facility. Most likely they were ProV1 and ProV1X’s

    Early next year (after my shoulder rehabilitation is complete) I plan on going to your Wilmington DE location for a custom fit. So far I’m looking at Ping i210, Mizuno JPX 921 Forged and maybe T-100 or T100S will be in the running too.

    Kind of premature to say this but based on my stats with the ‘19 Apex Pro Forged, which iron would recommend?

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