Titleist T200 Iron VS Titleist 718 AP3 Iron

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I compare the new 2019 Titleist T200 Iron against the Titleist 718 AP3 Iron to see if the newer version is any better.

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Matthew Erndt says:

Nice video and comparison

Malcolm Sansom says:

Love my AP3's

nick faust says:

Just cant get onboard with the t200 looks. Love the ap3

Maddog8148 says:

You make no sense. You have no clear answers

Bill Malec says:

You do a great job but your video 'tins' are looking a bit like click bait lately. Most of us come here because you don't do that stuff. If I hadn't watched your videos before I'd might avoid them because of the looks of the thumb nail now.

David Salerno says:

would have been a much truer review giving more accurate results if you'd hit a few more shots and removed the pulled and pushed ones from the data, thanks anyway and useful info regarding feel and sound, looking to upgrade my 716 AP2s to something giving me more distance and forgiving performance, based on this I'll probably get fitted for the T200

Keith Urien says:

I play AP3, and I love it. I don't find it loud at all. I was excited about T200, but AP3 looks much classier to my eye, and the descent angle…I've been able to get my AP3 7 iron to spin back out of rough on greens. Definitely sticking with it. Good review.

glen burr says:

I just had a Titleist iron fitting this week. The T200 really stood out for me. I only hit the AP3 indoors, and I thought they were very loud. Maybe I wasn’t hitting the middle of the face. With the T200 outdoors off grass, the feel was really good. I’m still playing 712 AP1, and I’m really torn which set to buy. I’m all standard Titleist for lie and length, and the AMT Black S300 shaft was the best fit.
Thanks for this review. Like you stated in the test, take out the bad shots, and they performed very close to each other. ??

Søur Peach says:

Ap3 is much nicer

Andy Wood says:

I still prefer the look of the ap3. Think the technology is going around in circles as brands steal ideas off each other. ?

Yukon Cornelius, The Bearded Legend says:

lol titleist jacks the lofts a degree, as if the lofts of the ap3s weren't already ridiculous enough.
that extra degree is added because the numbers would probably be identical to the ap3s without it (or redundantly close to it), and would make it obvious that the tech being advertised is bogus.

the industry is getting out of hand.

Curtis Polysou says:

T200 is a failed release.
AP3 launch higher, spin higher, land softer….why? Higher lofts. Titleist lowered the lofts without any effective tech to get the ball higher. Perfect example of loft jacking.

Stuart Longair says:

There is very little in it between these performance wise though if anything the stopping power of AP3 makes it the winner as more important than gaining 3 yds IMO. I have AP3 in my long irons and have never been as accurate with my 5&6 irons, real shot savers. Example was at yesterday's August medal at my club, 175yds all uphill for my second shot and stuck it close with easy hit 5 iron. Get the 718's whilst they are still available would be my advice.

Reid Thompson says:

Descent angle on T200 is terrible.

Jeff Platt says:

The best thing about T200 release is that it meant I could pick up a brand new set of AP3s this afternoon for 25% off ???

nv00021 says:

If I am not mistaken the AP3 was not forged….. there has to be a better feel with the T200

Monte Mont-ster says:

I didn't think either one of these had any forge in them. Which one does and where?

Sean Strehl says:

AP3 blows the t200 out of the water on looks and performance. Mike just sucks off all the new products released by Titleist. Bias…very much

mike best says:

Good review Mike although ,I got fed up with silly lofts on clubs and have gone to a more traditional muscle back iron with proper lofts ,stamping a 7 on a club with 30 degrees of loft is a joke and just to squeeze a bit more distance Titleist have strengthened t200 against Ap3 just to give it a bit more pop and say it goes more distance .Paying all that money for irons that you cant gap with your wedges is even more of a joke ,the irony is that making these game improvement irons longer ,they are screwing up peoples short game ,the same people that need the help in the first place .

Yanis Tsiopani says:

Great vid as always. I love the look of the T200. Wasn't a fan of the 718 AP3… but I'll be sticking with my 718 AP2 for the foreseeable future ?

Kim Hannemann says:

Aaaaahhhhh Titleist irons with TaylorMade balls? Was that intentional? 😉

Alan Bryce says:

Bit annoyed with Titleist. Recently bought the AP3 as I had heard Titleist say the new T range was not replacing APs . Clear!y T200 is just the AP3 upgrade. However the AP3 does look much better than T200, although I like the softer feel and less clucky noise of T200

mpc77769 says:

Out of bounds posts… and a glove.
?? Hahaha!!!
I'll continue watching the video now.

Brandon Mathis says:

Thank you! Not sure if you did this from my other video comments, but hopefully you will do ap2 v. T100 and would love to see 718 mb v 620 mb

Newman says:

I really don't see a "true" reason to make a switch to the T200. Love my AP3's. Good review though.

Lefty SoCal Golfer says:

Think this is my first comment though I’ve been following you for a long time

Love your content, and I love your buttery smooth swing!

Thanks for doing this head to head! I’m a huge Titleist fan! I play the 718 AP2s. Trying to decide if this year is a year to upgrade or not. These videos certainly help!

thomas ross says:

The T-200 is a low launch 6-iron. I really do not understand what Titleist is doing with the lofts. CB, MB weak lofts 35. T-100 is 34 degrees. Then the T-200, T-300 go way to another extreme. 7 iron 30 degrees. If someone wants to blend long irons, the factory will not do it. The lofts are not adjustable on a custom order. You would have to go to a shop & have them bent to the desired spec. Also I do not know for sure but Titleist will not warranty a club which has been altered by an outside agency or shop. I have 718 Cbs, great clubs but the launch could be lower. If I bend them stronger the offset is increased. In your review of the 620 MB, CBs the big change is reduced offset compared to 718 series. The shaft is right on the lower edge, just like a Mizuno iron.

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