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TITLEIST T200 IRONS… WHO COULDN'T PLAY THESE? Titleist have just released the brand new 620 range of irons including the T100, T200 and T300 range of irons. as well as the standard 620 CB and 620MB Range, some of the best players in the world have already moved into these irons including Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth and many more. but the 2100 range in particular are an iron with technology to help with those bad shots. which irons are the best of the range? which irons should you buy? do you need new golf clubs? which irons are best for mid handicappers? which irons are best for beginners? lets find out… and lets do it now!


Steven Klinkhamer says:

Very good- thanks for the helpful info on those very nice looking clubs.

Cad Pro says:

you are a walking commercial dude.

seriously, get a real job…

Prima Facie says:

Marketed for players whose club speed fails to reach 120 yards with a 9 iron.

Dan kool says:

Waiting for T500 cause it’s going to be most forgiving, most distance and most speed like all technology says every year?‍♂️

Ray Rapp says:

Nice review James, looking for a new set of irons and my pro has just got a stock of Titleist – just the price is a bummer. BTW, I play off 6 and would be delighted to carry 130yds with a 9 iron, never mind 160yds!

Eddie Webb says:

I would like to know if you have evaluated the T400 irons?

Mark Scott says:

Interesting that your spin rates were appreciably lower than Mark Crossfield’s test. Might this variable down to the differing speeds you apply? Highlights the need to try, test and be fit before you buy.

Shee Chan says:

Love the colour of your shirt

Steve Froggett says:

Very very disappointed in Titleist. Went with them because of their reputation. How wrong I was!

Recently bought a set of T200 from them and despite issues with the PW (dent in toe) and fellow golfers reporting poor material quality (very easily damaged) they refused to swap my unused set for AP2 718 (a proven club).

This meant me losing money but I didn’t mind as thought AP2 would last me.

Great customer service! Won’t be rushing back! Gutted, a lot of money for irons I can’t trust that they will last me

Michael Libert says:

I like the look!

Michael Brogan says:

strengthening lies and tipping shafts you can hit a mizuno mp33 or a wilson 1200 9 iron 150 yards but who would keep up with that yardage by the time they hit their 5 iron they would be out of yards they could possibly fly it with any certainty. in the hogan days a 213 yard 1 iron was a memorable experience (merion) the trick to golf isnt hitting further its hitting better and knowing you can repeat that exact hit, no matter how far it goes. (which is why i imagine you never got around to finishing your back swing aka MOE NORMAN, with a twist ) control your swing folks in whatever way is controllable by you and you will play as well with a 1966 blade or 2010 cavity backed muscle lcg tungsten inserted mega club!

EyeOnTime says:

They look amazing. My Ping G410 are ugly and I wish I would have researched a bit more before buying. lol

Jon O says:

Your swing is looking 10 times better. You've gotten rid of the kink in the take away back swing. Great video, keep it up

Hui Ka-Fung says:

Pls do the PXG 0211

Richard Marsh says:

I’ve got it at 9 iron options this year from titliest

Mb , cb, t100,200&300, concept x2 and two options on the tmb replacement

ronburgindee says:

Finish your back swing mate

Swerve PNW says:

Glad you eluded to the gap on the back-end of the set at the end. 43* PW is a little nutty and leaves a large gap into your wedges. Still plan to go test them out versus the new TM p790s and Miuzno JPX 919 forged. Hyped to get a new iron set.

eddie W says:

I’ll tell you who anybody who doesn’t have a big bank account $$$$.00

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