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TITLEIST T200 IRONS reviewed and tested by golf professional Mark Crossfield. Mark hits the new Titleist T200 irons from Titleist golf and talks spin number, launch and distance. See what the T200 irons could do for your golf game and if they are an improvement on prior Titleist irons. Titleist golf have been making golf clubs for years with the very popular TS driver range through to the tour standard Vokey wedges Titleist know what players want and need in their golf games. Have they achieved what they want for the TS200 range of golf clubs and could they help you with your golf game and help you to play some better golf.
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Q-Bits says:

stfu pls. All this bullshit talking. Just do the review with the numbers and the play ON THE COURSE, nobody! wants to see you hit balls at the screen!. Video is bullshit.

12tak12 says:

I really love the T-Series. I have 9 and 8 iron as T100, 7 iron as T100s to blend and 6 down to 4 iron as T200. Works like charm for me

ManCave says:

you guys are fucking hilarious.

Bill Uransel says:

Perhaps a video comparison of the T100s v T200’s….or how about you recognize the T100s exists? Apparently you have an issue with the letter “S”…if I were woke and the letter S, I would conclude you are an Essist?

brizZzan says:

You do understand that 80% of golfers do not hit blades????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GolfingJamiethephotog says:

Did you ever figure out how they’re keeping the spin on these? I tested them the other day, and was super impressed. Very much thinking about getting fit for a set. Like you always say, ask how they are doing what they’re doing. So, how are they doing it?

Cory Stegen says:

Just had a fitting yesterday these were far and away the best. Spin rate was most impressive.

Fernando Barbosa says:

Fitted for these yesterday with KBS stiff shaft. Carrying it 15 yards further than my AP1s and no word of a lie, in to a strong breeze 25 yards further! Also 10mph faster ball speed ?

Simon Wall says:

Have they bought speedy foam from Taylormade?

Ian McFarlane says:

* One to be aware of – I had a fitting in September last year, not brand specific, selected the best in terms of dispersion and distance combo and the T200 come out on top – roll on two months and the rear of my 7 iron started to work its way lose. Had it replaced without issue from Titleist however the 6 and 5 started to go the same way after a few months. I lost faith and was given my money back. Im now running a set of Mizuno MP-20 MMC and HMB combo set. So – BE AWARE- build quality not what you would expect from Titleist

luvs2race370 says:

I just went for an iron fitting a week ago with the intention of getting a set of Mizuno Hot Metal Pro's. Hit them really well and just asked about the T200's. So he put a 7 iron together for me. I'm anxiously waiting for my new set of T200's to arrive. The forged face just gives them such a lovely soft feel, and forgiveness was so much better. Not knocking Mizuno at all. They make incredible, beautiful irons. I actually fought my decision because I love the looks of the Mizunos so much better. But for me it was clearly Titleist.

Steven C says:

They take the loft off when they want high flight because it increases ball speed. A competitors channel showed the ping i500 power spec irons flew HIGHER than the retro spec because the ballspeed is so much higher (check txg). So if the club can still launch high, taking loft off will increase ball speed and overall height. You really need to dive deeper into the tech, and science, before you keep criticizing lofts and PRESUMING to know what loft alone will do. You are falling behind, loft affects spin, ball-speed, and launch. Which also change based on club head designs. Loft doesn’t live in a bubble by itself.

Ash Dutton says:

Went for a bit of a custom fit well more of a dabble to know what to focus on, and it was between these and the mizuno mmc mp20 with a top end blend with 5-6 hmb… don’t know now what to go towards the mizuno performed slightly better well a good bit better but I have always had Titleist’s and have an emotional attachment and they also are £200 less but if I spend £200 more will it drop me more shots the stats would say so but I now want to go to either a Titleist or mizuno specialist what’s your thoughts in this mark??? Also any chance you want to donate that camo Titleist carry bag to me ????????

Real HIFI Help says:

Looks like Titleist is going through a b#t ugly phase with the back cavity design. I have never seen Titleist irons look so bad, they most be really good mechanically when they settled with that look.

T-Rump says:

So how’s the forged feel? Soft?

WhaddupImJohn says:

I am in the market for new irons and have been looking at these and the calloway apex forged irons. Taylormade p790s are a close 3rd though. I feel I am more consistent with these irons however.

C Dun says:

I got T100’s a degree weak and four iron is a T200 two degrees weak, and use it to really boost the ball downfield especially on the wind. Love my set won’t change it for a few years. T100’s stop on a dime which is ideal. Distance is fun but I hate balls rolling off greens a lot more than I like seeing my 7 go 180.

Richard-Anthony Gilbey says:

he should buy the T300 they come complete with headphones on the back so you dont have to listen to Tiger.

David Elmgren says:

Only a golf nerd would say that a club is sexy! Great look at this range from Titleist. Using AP1’s at the moment but very tempting to go and hit these and see if they “fit” my game.

Steve Froggett says:

Very very disappointed in Titleist. Went with them because of their reputation. How wrong I was!

Recently bought a set of T200 from them and despite issues with the PW (dent in toe) and fellow golfers reporting poor material quality (very easily damaged) they refused to swap my unused set for AP2 718 (a proven club).

This meant me losing money but I didn’t mind as thought AP2 would last me.

Great customer service! Won’t be rushing back! Gutted especially with the amount I paid for them

Justin Bayless says:

just bought these irons myself today, haven't gotten to hit them outside of the testing/fitting but they were giving me some impressive numbers so I had to make the purchase

Michael Boatright says:

I think more consistent ball speed is a good thing for lower speed players and the added launch helps. If you just have to much speed then hitting these will have bad results but that's the minority.

majorsmythe1 says:

Interested in blending with T100, but then I saw the specs. How can you blend these??. Once you bend an irons you are affecting the bounce of the iron. Any suggestions?

Richard Knight says:

Tried these yesterday, very impressed! Spin up over a 1000 on my Ap3s ! Sold !

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