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You asked, and I'm delivering. With me being a pretty “average” golfer, my followers have mentioned that they would like to see me review more irons that fall under the “cavity back” or “game improvement” irons. With that in mind, I bring you my review of the Titleist T300 irons! So, just how good are these irons? They are strong lofted, and somewhat chunky, but do they really produce significant distance? Are they as forgiving as advertised? And will they still stop on the green? I attempt to answer these questions and more in this full review of the Titleist T300 irons. If you have recently picked up these golf clubs, or if you have been considering them, make sure and leave a COMMENT. Feel free to post any questions you have about these irons or how they compare to other irons.

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Welcome to my YouTube Channel Golf Blog! My name is Matt Williams. I'm an amateur golfer that has only been playing golf consistently for a few years now. Last year I was about an 18 handicap. I was a 16 handicap to start 2020, and now am down to an 8.3. I started this golf channel for a variety of reasons. 1.) To show viewers what I am doing and working on as I continue my quest to hopefully become a scratch golfer one day. 2.) To review golf clubs/equipment to give people a club review from an amatuer mid-handicap perspective. 3.) To share my ever-growing passion for this beautiful game we call golf. 4.) To just have a ton of fun on the golf course! I sure hope you find all my content useful, helpful, but most of all….. entertaining!


Brad Ganz says:

My mizuno don’t do that.

Discernment of Truth says:

Ive watched many reviews on these and forgiveness was off the charts. But unlike your spin rates they were still very high for a tech club. I bought some but havent got to use them yet. Cant wait though because Im stoked about using a straight forgiving iron!

BigBirdGiant says:

I just bought these around Christmas, I have played about 5 rounds with them since and I absolutely love them! I am a higher handicap player but these clubs have given me the distance and forgiveness I have been needing which has lowered my score. The forgiveness is insane, My miss hits may not go as far but they still end up going fairly straight

jay says:

i got a set because the distance seduced me and took my money

Mark K says:

Mr. Matt…do you have access to test out the Callaway Apex 21 irons or the Mizuno MP-20 MMC/HMB? I am looking for something more forgiving with a bit stronger lofts than what I use (Mizuno T Zoid blades…the 7 iron has 35 degree loft) but also will not give you those "fairway fliers". Thanks for the videos!

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