Titleist T300 Irons Review

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Titleist T300 Irons are player who wants forgiveness, more distance, and high launch. Rick Hatfield, head pro at Flint Hills National Golf Club and TGW.com's resident product expert, reviews the T300 in new TSeries of irons.

Learn more about the new Titleist T100, T200 and T300 irons: http://bit.ly/2OSjfyq


Shane Henderson says:

I bought t300 red are they suppose to mark up scratches on sole

Kee Music says:

Good review, I wished that I have discovered your video first before I have purchased the irons. I have trusted my local golf course pro.
and all he ever said was " Oh how great it is that the T300 has the weight behind it to help with the forgiveness and the distance "
I didn't get to see the whole set and the only club that they had as a demo was a 7 iron.
I've tried it and love it and then I ordered it.
To my surprise, The 8 and 9 irons did not have the weight on them. I've took them out to the range and hit the balls with them
for about 30 minutes and right away just as soon as I got to the 8 iron, ( It Sucks ! )
So I played two rounds with them and both rounds the 8 iron that didn't have the weight on it " SUCKS! "
It vibrates like a wheel on a car that didn't get balanced and also the distance difference between the 7 and 8 was 20 yards.
I talked to the pro. about it and he said ( Oh! Titleist considered the 8 and 9 iron short irons so they didn't put the weight on them )
I said hey man, if I knew about that I wouldn't have bought them. How would you like to buy a car with one wheel that did not have weight balance on it?
You'd say hell no, it would shake like crazy when you drive it on the interstate.
Anyway, Right now I'm looking for a used #7 iron head to install it on my #8 iron and have the loft adjust to the same as my normal 8 iron so I can
play with the sucker. ((( Titleist will not sell me just a #7 iron head )))

Isaac Wells says:

I’m 14, 6’1” and about 165 and I was hitting the t300 7 iron about 185-210 yards. They felt really good and I think I’m gonna go with those for my next iron set

Darrell says:

When is a company going to build a club for us who already hit the ball high ??

Salvatore San juan says:

The T300 isn't forged right? Can the lie angle still be adjusted? At least 1 degree upright?

Jacobel X says:

Thank you for the REAL LIFE review.

Seve Sellors says:

How does the T300 compare with Wilson D7 on power, forgiveness and feel? Many thanks!

james monty says:

I don't see that they are worth the price. I hit the AP1 when I bought new clubs recently and got better distance, dispersion and feel from the Cleveland CBX irons at about $400.00 less. The lofts are the same. I'm sure the T300 is just more the same.

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