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It’s Saturday Night Showdown with myself (PGA Professional) and Lee Whittaker (12 Handicap). In this video Lee and I will be reviewing the COBRA SZ IRONS along with the TITLEIST T300 IRONS. We will be giving them a score for looks, feel, sound & workability and running a yearly table on all irons we review in 2020. Join us as we talk you through our personal thoughts on these clubs which will hopefully help you when it comes to purchasing your new irons.

Thanks for watching and please comment below.

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fredatemypie says:

They keep on coming out with new clubs and the evidence is that less and less people are taking up golf, with more and more golf clubs closing down, So im lost as to why they do. There is no way any player under 15hc play these type of irons. With the cost of irons, I know and play with players of 10hc and under who are playing with 10 yr old irons and will not change them. Surely there is no market for them.

PeanutButter says:

yeah, but if you hit one in the rough and you need to hack it out with distance, that cobra is going to be way easier to get up and out than a bladed iron.


Dan why are you judging the Cobra when it's obviously a GI set and never meant to appeal to you. Does it appeal to it's target market is the real question. Lee is a top guy too…..

Ric Hochulski says:

so you love the titleist and laugh at the cobra yeah this will be a fair trial, sorry not buying it

Troy Guerrero says:

Why do a review if its obvious in 2 minutes you both are Titleist fan boys?

William Crownin says:

You’ll are VERY biased in this review, IMO

CC R says:

Any chance of you doing a review of the SZ One Length?

Robin C says:

Late comment on this video…im 9 h' cap but play the SZ because i have slow swing speed….the 8 iron down doesn't have the cut out and looks good behind the ball…the performance is great….one thing no body ever talks about with strong lofts is the length of shaft…so you may have 5 iron loft….but its much easier to hit in 7 iron length…and the peak heights mean it stops ok
Now the rub…im going to sell mine just because i dont like how they look…i hate plastic in the back of golf clubs…thought i could get over it but i cant stand how they look in the bag…which i know is a stupid reason to change??

Erick Bauer says:

You guys just make me wonder why you even bother reviewing clubs. You are not ever pleased with any iron except the bladed iron. It makes you guys just sound very snobbish. Don’t get me wrong I like your videos when your playing. You guys are very good golfers and I learn a lot from watching your teaching and playing videos. I have hit all kinds of irons and I just don’t care what it looks like just how it performs. I don’t really look at the club I focus on where I want the club to strike the ball.

Frankie Lambardo says:

FYI, people who play blades should never review game improvement clubs. Your way out of your element and have no idea what your talking about.

Frankie Lambardo says:

I hit both irons the other day with money not being an issue, hands down, the Cobra was the better iron! Sorry guys, you were way off the mark.

M Kastl says:

Game improvement irons that you completely refuse to judge as a product for it's intended audience. Slower swing speeds and beginners that hit all over the face and yet neither of you bothered to think about these clubs in that way. Pretty sad….who gives a damn about commentary of an iron and how it looks or it's loft compared to a blade? You both completely disregard the engineering behind these clubs and the intentional results built in. If you two were in a pro shop you would literally talk people into $1200 sets of irons that they could never control because you'd spend 80% of you time telling them about a freaking "top line" that does absolutely nothing to help them improve their mis-hits and game.

Cart3r UK says:

Bit of golf snobbery there, you arent the players that would buy these clubs. A lot of Titleist logos on hats and in the background.

bfoot09 says:

Sorry but a little bit of research would go a long way, less than 2 minutes of reading would have told you that it’s carbon fiber on the top of the cobra to lighten up the top and move weight towards bottom also the “bulb” on the bottom is to give the low center of gravity advantage without the extra wide sole or bounce
Again easy 2 minutes of research

Oh and btw the “cheap plastic” does serve a purpose and no nothing to do with looks it’s meant to dampen noise and feel of the club

I’m just an ordinary golf enthusiast and I know this

bund440 says:

Just ordered the Titleist T300, as I write this I’m awaiting delivery, found your video really informative. I have to ask why on earth you haven’t got three or four time more subscribers is beyond me.

john Blaha says:

A thousand bucks is expensive for any set can I get an amen

Sp!cyman says:

I think having these tested by a mid handicap player would have quite an impact on the scores. These irons aren’t for you boys.

Joshua Ehrenfeld says:

I just started playing for the first time a month ago and had the Speedzones custom fitted. They're great for someone who has never picked up a club before! I love the Carbon Fiber top because not only does it look good but it gives me confidence over the ball. The lofts are 4-19d, 5-21d, 6-24d, 7-27.5d, 8-32d, 9-37d, PW-42.5d, and my gap is 48d. I also have the speedzone Xtream 10.5d driver, the speedzone big tour 15d 3 wood, the speedzone 2h hybrid, and the 52 and 58d MIM wedges. Love them all and for a pure beginner they are awesome!

Richard Mullen says:

Only catching up on this vid now, great stuff as always from you both 🙂 I tested the t300 last summer and absolutely loved it, seeing a club stamped with 7 going the height of my seven iron but the distance of my 6 was incredibly enticing for me as a high handicapper.. if money was no object I'd have these in the bag in a heartbeat, at the time budgetary constraints dictated I could either buy half set of t300 or a new driver.. and i opted for the big stick instead, a choice well made as my ts2 is absolute pride of place in my golf bag. I know price is a relative term depending on individual circumstances, I think for future showdown vids however (after lockdown obviously) you should consider mentioning the RRP of the clubs, doesn't have to be a factor in the scoring of them but would be an interesting extra little nugget to have … keep up the brilliant work ????

Gregory Bell says:

A better comparison would have been for you to use the T400 irons instead of the T300 series. Just a thought. Thinner irons are going to be more appealing for higher level players like the both of you. So, the T300 has an advantage right out of the gate based on your preferences.

Jim Moffat says:

It's all about kidding punters into thinking they are hitting the ball further.

M Christopher says:

Titleist all days Dan the Man it's awesome

Erick Bauer says:

Other than on you tube channels I have never heard a golfer talk bout top line thin or thick. All I hear them talk about is can they hit it

fredatemypie says:

two shots with the Cobra on the green, two great strikes and nice flight = not going in the bag cause you dont like the bling. Shame people get stuck on brand snobbery.
I would agree though that you could get a flier with the cobra, however you could get the same flier with the titleist

Brian Rizza says:

Lee the sound of that first iron shot sounded like a James Wiltshire strike

Mange Larsson says:

I think you should review every club in its category, like super game improvement, game improvement, and players clubs, otherwise only the new blades will score high.

Mange Larsson says:

Is it really just about the lofts? I mean all that real estate behind must have some kind of influence. A test subject for you? 🙂

tony keogh says:

Lee, I think you need to compare apples with apples regarding to lofts. I am sure you are aware game improvement irons are stronger lofts as opposed to players irons, just saying like ??

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