Titleist T400 Irons Review

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James Morrow says:

The difference in ball speed is primarily coming from the ludicrous increase in loft…

SuperDuper Awesome says:

This numbering of irons has to stop – its doing my head in. I thought the loft of a club always dictated the nomenclature of clubs not the length of the shaft (which is basically what there saying – IMO) – 5 iron 20° ! ? however, the clubs do look damn nice!

Gazza Gee says:

Forget loft and numbers.
26 degree 7 iron and 4…yes 4 wedges
Utter nonsense and only golfers with penis issues will buy.

Kelly Miller says:

Never said what club you were hitting?

C Dun says:

If I liked offset and was new to the sport these would be ideal.

Paul Kaye says:

Those lofts are crazy

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