Titleist T400 Irons Review

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Titleist T400 Irons bring a powerful, distance-driven Titleist iron design to a new kind of golfer. Rick Hatfield, head golf pro at Flint Hills National Golf Club and TGW's resident product expert, explains and shows you these golf clubs in action in our exclusive video review. Learn more and get your T400 irons at TGW; http://bit.ly/2VlM7R2


James Morrow says:

The difference in ball speed is primarily coming from the ludicrous increase in loft…

SuperDuper Awesome says:

This numbering of irons has to stop – its doing my head in. I thought the loft of a club always dictated the nomenclature of clubs not the length of the shaft (which is basically what there saying – IMO) – 5 iron 20° ! ? however, the clubs do look damn nice!

Gazza Gee says:

Forget loft and numbers.
26 degree 7 iron and 4…yes 4 wedges
Utter nonsense and only golfers with penis issues will buy.

Kelly Miller says:

Never said what club you were hitting?

C Dun says:

If I liked offset and was new to the sport these would be ideal.

Paul Kaye says:

Those lofts are crazy

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