Titleist TS2 Driver VS Titleist 917 D2 – Is New Better Than Old?

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I put the brand new Titleist Ts2 Driver up against the 917 D2 Driver head to head style to see if the new model is better, longer than it's old version!

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gregory walker says:

the ts model drivers remind me very much of the cleveland/srixon drivers (favorites). going to try the ts2 and ts3 models with that marvelous titleist adjustable hosel. might try both in the bag for shot flighting.

Shark says:

Michael you're really the best when it comes to club reviews, thanks for being honest and you're not trying to sell anything so it makes us viewers feel comfortable with you

jergernice1 says:

ive found gc2 does not like higher launch. i believe the delta between the 2 is greater outside. i like gc2 as a simulator not as much for fitting…

Robb Robb says:

sound? color? who gives a shit…… it could be lime green and sound like two cats fucking as long as the club preforms…. a good video

Ikaika Maleko says:

I just purchased 917D2 for a $100 on Global golf, so according to the nmbrs it was worth it, 6 yard difference? Nah, TS not worth another $400, glad I watched this vid.

Ryan Esposito says:

so your difference in distance was your draw vs. your fade. = Clubs perform no differently.

Gregory Santilli says:

How about testing these drivers with X100 shafts?

Glenn Turner says:

Just tried the TS2. Was fitted for my first driver 8 months ago and titleist D2 917 suited me. I’m a 5 yr golfer 54yr old 14 hcp. 5 shots with TS2 showed slightly further distance but a lot straighter! Maybe my next purchase when price drops

Joe Plichter says:

I need to go in for a fitting and compare to my current gamer. Still not sure I want to spend 500 and give up my 915d2 that is still good enough for Spieth…

Why don’t they just say TS2 is more forgiving and consistent?

Looking at your numbers for longest:

TS2 308
917 305
917 304
TS2 303

If you did the test again you might actually hit 917 longer. Max potential distance is limited by USGA right?

Jeff B. says:

So you delete your worse shot with TS2 and your best shot with 917? Seems good

Anders Borum says:

Michael, a good advice is to try and get the launch video stream to your editor, such that you don't have video the video (with all the artifacts etc. that comes from that approach). It'll give your viewers a much more stable picture to read numbers off. Aside from that, good stuff as always.

75plag says:

very similar results, saw almost the same results from others, only real difference is teh TS2 is slightly lower spinning, if you are already a low spin player you probably wont see much difference at least not for $500

goodswen mark says:

titliest have never won one

goodswen mark says:

you hit ts3 better

Warren Williams says:

Not a great deal of difference, to justify the circa Β£500+ price tag!
Main difference is sound and looks.

nerd 999 says:

fantastic comparison!

oppanagnee says:

Whenever they testing New club, newer is better, Always.
But My case is totally opposite.
With newer clubs I'm having worse results.
Because I'm getting OLDERRRRR.

Mark Walton says:

Please stop asking us to subscribe at the start of every clip … getting bored with it !

Glenn Turner says:

How about ts3

John Anderson says:

Drawing the TS2 will give you lower spin and more roll. I thought the 917 was pretty close

Mike Northern says:

Would change simply for the looks and the sound plus it gives you 4-5 extra yards I believe the new driver will be worth it

Paul Bown says:

Top video Mike
Thanks for posting
Will be testing myself soon

blair simpson says:

Nice vid keep up the good work and ur seem to be improving with days going past

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