Titleist TSi vs. Cobra RADSPEED vs. Srixon ZX7 // 2021 Drivers Go Head to Head

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So far we have three 2021 drivers available to review – in this video we see how they compare when tested on the same day with the same shaft!

0:00 // Intro
3:26 // Testing
8:20 // Results & Conclusions

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada

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Roger Harpum says:

Great comparison. I own the TSi3 and love it because of sound and feel which is so important to me. Does that also impact your decision Matt?

John Anderson says:

All drivers the last 4 years go the same distance if you are fit for it

jergernice1 says:

weight back in the cobra? the pic shows front but vid says back?

Steve Holliday says:

I'm with the cobra on this as I am always fighting a high spin driver shot…might have to take a look and replace my pxg gen 2

Randy J says:

Yet another keeper. Last week I up-sized my upcoming putter fitting to a FULL bag adventure. My driver is Tom Wishon 2012, irons and hybrids around 2007 or 8. Hoping to improve my game by a few strokes. People laugh at me when I pull out my putter :o(

Rick Twist says:

Last comment CX-5 is I believe 440 or 45 cc's to swing speed faster ball speed it will outdrive the Titleist and the cobra

Rick Twist says:

As a professional long driver for 17 years your first swings are going to be your slowest you're not loosened up you're not ready to go after it every test they CX-5 beat both the Titleist and the cobra you need to have Matt try the CX-5 not the seven it's the best of the three

Rick Twist says:

I said he was the best f i t t e r of anybody on YouTube

Rick Twist says:

You are so correct Ian is the best hitter in the business with a driver I've watched all our videos I did professional long drive for 17 years he can fit anybody better than any other YouTuber just my opinion but he knows his stuff

Yeung Jonathan says:

Don’t pick the brand spend a lot on marketing :p

j p says:

I love this content lads so good ; glass of fine whisky and txg ; marvellous

Andrew Grigsby says:

I love here your guys take on the equipment. Boiling it down to fitting is perfect take. I know this because I’m low spin player with high speed and finding a driver that works for me is like needle in a haystack situation. So you guys saying it’s fitting needs I think is a great take.

Rob Janda says:

Just switched to TSi3, its slightly improved over TS3 looking at standard variables, the big big change I notice is side spin off the face, ball flight is consistently so much straighter with the TSi3, that in itself is worth the upgrade.

Michael Leona says:

When you guys talk about how club head speed x 2.7 =potential distance, do you mean carry distance or total distance? I know it’s just an estimate I’m just trying to give myself a goal for measuring efficiency without a launch monitor.

Timo Rantanen says:

Srixon was surprise, will add to my selection when go out for driving fitting for sure

Nick Dear says:

Weight was in the back with the Rad and still spun that low?? I tend to spin the driver too much..currently gaming the sim max in a Ventus black at 9 degrees. Definitely going to read the RAD. I did test the tsi3 against my sim and it was a few mph slower than my current setup but I do have the custom shaft.

Aussie Mike says:

Would have like test immediately repeated with AUTO FLEX shaft – as always you make me more informed and I leave with a smile.

Ariesnc says:

I have the Srixon Z785 with the HZDR black shaft and I love it. If the new ZX7 driver is better then I would definitely like to try it. Great Video!

Krpt0 says:

I think this just proves that driver performance is so close these days that you should just choose the one you can hit the best/most consistent

Chris Jackson says:

That Cobra seems like it launched so low, but it carried so far relative to its height.

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