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Tom Watson reveals his swing secret, that maintaining good lower-body posture has many benefits.

This lesson is going to introduce another secret.
Remember in my original Lessons of the Lifetime,
I talked about how important it was
and the first secret was to keep your shoulder plane
on the same plane as you make the golf swing.
Well part and parcel to that is
what is your lower body doing during this secret.
You must start with the proper address your posture.
Let's briefly go over the posture.
You start straight, you bend your knees,
you stick your rear end out
and then you let your arms hang.
That's where you grip onto the golf club,
where your arms come together like this.
When you have the proper posture here,
you see there's a crease right here.
There's a crease here and a crease right here.
On the backswing, you keep that crease relationship
with your upper body and your leg right here
on the backswing.
On the downswing and into the ball,
the key here you don't want to lose that crease.
You want to keep that crease right there into impact.
And look what it does to the right knee,
the left knee, the left hip.
The right knee starts to kick forward like this,
the left hip is slightly out of the way,
the crease is right here and on the follow through,
you straighten up like this and you're on your left foot.
If you lose that crease either on the backswing
or on the follow through like this,
you're gonna be out of balance
and you're gonna hit a lot of bad shots.
So consistency comes from keeping the crease there,
there and finishing like this.


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Tom Watson Reveals His Secret to a Consistent Golf Swing | Golf Lessons | Golf Digest


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TheTurfrex says:

I love Tom except when he was beating Nicklaus!

Alfred Brown says:

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Stephen Kennedy says:

Tips always helpful

Mike Green says:

To me the club is not weighted enough to be swung easily. There for on the DS all attention should be paid to keeping the clubface in line with the angle of the club itself.Another way of saying it is there should be no force exerted on the club on the. DS to force the face out toward the ball.If anything there should be a slight force exerted by the hands to force the in towards the feet.This should help some swine better and hopefully strike with more consistency

allen D says:

if it's so simple why do the pros practice daily under instruction?????????????????????????????????????

Garth Downton says:

Old man golf !!! What are you talking about !!! There isn't a pro on tour that wouldn't take Tom Watson' s swing in a heartbeat ! Dumbest comment I've ever heard !! Ha !

vimal Mittal says:

Good tip sir!

Amore M says:

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