Tommy Fleetwood wins the 2018 Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship | Final Round Highlights

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Jonathan Brown says:

A joy to watch and a beautiful course

Willem Parshley says:

3:06 such a confident golf swing.

JaxRwld says:

This dude is Lit!

Finley Gillon says:

So glad he's English u reckon Ryder cup team?

Curious267 says:

Great exhibition of hot putting specially the long puts. This guy is going to rule the golfing world for some time

Aleksey Lavochin says:

Hits a lot of knock downs and is probably the best clutch putter out there

Sports genius says:

one of the best in the world atm

Ikea Nitori says:

where is the reason to thumb down?

Jued Jackson says:

What a great walk…tommy once again proved his talent on golf…

European Tour says:

Congratulations Tommy ??

Johnson Chan says:

those putts were excellent

Steven Tyers says:

The key to greatness in golf is putting. Ive had rounds of 15 greens in reg and still shoot 76 lol…..

Eds G says:

the face of a man who's played way too much golf.. tommy looks like he needs to rest hehehe i kid.. i kid…

Lucas Mulvehill says:

So sick, great to see some awesome British talent

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