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Our list of the top 10 caddies across the world, brought to you by Golfing World.
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UN Owen says:

Fanny was also a well-known bitch.

Jack Rogan says:

It should be noted that Steve Williams was only on $50,000 with Tiger. He wasn't on 10% like other caddies, as Hank Haney says in his book!

Tut King says:

Or what about Willie Aitchison for Trevino or Pete Coleman (Seve, Monty, Greg Norman and Bernhard Langer) and Nicklaus' caddy from back in the 60s and 70s, Jimmy Dickinson.

barath4545 says:

3:57 That would be after winning The Open 2005 after Earl died, right? (Not entirely sure..)

barath4545 says:

Bones is probably the most influential caddie of the modern era. Sure Steve said his part with Tiger, but Bones is taking alot of decisions with and for Phil, it seems. And he keeps his mouth shut and his employer happy.

Gustavo Espino says:

What about jack Nicklaus awesome mustache caddie

Mark Cullinan says:

Wished Steve was back on tigers bag

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