Top 10 Irons 2015

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Vici Martynov says:

Well I wouldnt buy any of them, none of them made it to my short list. I
bought the Nike Forged VR Pro Combo set last weekend because they were half
price (thanks Nike for bringing out the Vapor range and prompting amazing
sale prices – how could i turn them down at £350). But sitting at double
the price at the top of my list was the Mizuno MP-H5 set which comes from
1-PW and is absolutely gorgeous. Even at £660 for 4-9 irons i was still
very tempted especially as I could have chosen a lighter shaft. Still I
have been lusting after the combo set all year since I tried them out in a
store and I am absolutely delighted with them. My wooden spoon for
technology this year goes to Taylormade with their RSI range, as a failures
specialist I would never buy anything with holes in teh face of the club;
especially as at least one reviewer has shown that if you take the loft of
the club into account they have no better performance than Ping with a more
traditional build and no holes in the face. If I was a TaylorMade fan I
would turn my attention to some of their other excellent clubs like
RocketBladez 😉
P.S. And thanks Rick for your great review of the Nike Pro Combos that I
watched again before committing my credit card :-)

Craig Hopcroft says:

I wouldn’t touch TM in a million years for irons. Their superseded in no
time with another wizzbang version. They also perform no better than
equivalent lofted/length irons from other manufacturers. The 6 goes further
because guess what, it’s actually a 5 iron!! 

AmbitionZ VapeR says:

rsi 2’s I think im going to buy very soon. I am an 9 handicap from 14 last
year getting a lot better! but don’t know if I should get stiff or regular
shaft!?!? im around 70-82 MPH swing speed with irons but sometime I mellow
out and swing smooth! you think rsi2 is the right way to go? stiff? reg? or

Matthias Gold says:

missing the cobra fly z range in this list… hope you can make a review

Edward Ulon says:

I just purchased a set of Mizuno’s JPX 825 still have Mizuno MP 32’s which
I love. Now I have two sets of beautiful clubs to play. My clubs are in
excellent condition, they are cleaned after every use. Thank’s just me. I
would recommend Mizuno’s to everyone, they are in my opinion the best clubs
on the market. 

David Finn says:

Am just wondering do u take into account the cost as well , personally
would not buy tm as they change so much would always be wondering if the
new ones would be better ,Corba not on your list ???price and performance
cant be beat 

AmbitionZ VapeR says:

Where can I buy them for a little cheaper? Ebay? Is that something that
would have legit irons or fake ones too? 

Malcolm Herbert says:

Now that you got to try out the Nike Vapor Range at what looked like the
PGA merchandise show (correct me if I’m wrong) and you got to try them out
more in depth, would you put them higher on the list?

John M says:

I would have thought that the Titleist range especially the AP2 would
definitely be in the top 3, but that’s my opinion. Unfortunately TM has
pissed off so many of their present and past buyers by bringing out a new
set of equipment every 3 months. Great review nevertheless.

Vjay VAIBHAV says:

Nice !! But y don’t u also make a video of your top ten fairway woods too

John Bianco says:

Rick, I have a set of Rocketbladez and I recently found a set of
Speedbladez on sale for $300 or so. If I decide to upgrade, do you think
the Speedbladez will outperform my current set? I’m a 15 handicap. Thanks

dakota jones says:

Did you forget the Bridgestone line or do the not sell them across the
pond? They definitely should be on that list.

Doug Season says:

I tried the RSi irons and did not like them at all. It feels rock hard
comparing to my Mizuno MP63. Seems to be the overall feel for TM irons. I
also have a set of 2009 Tour Preferred Irons and they feel similar. 

Robert Potter says:

Srixon irons look AMAZING!
Very classy n discreet irons i’d say.

AmbitionZ VapeR says:

I have callaway now. The older ones. I was hitting the rsi2 irons and was
hitting straighter and 20 yards longer!

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Martin MacCool says:

You lost me with the RS series being #1, I demoed them and they felt like
the previous three versions of the TMAG GI irons, awful in every way.
Short and wild with more than one shaft.

Astounding that you would rate them higher than the JPX series, G30 or
Apex, astounding.

Evan Maisel says:

Rick, just a suggestion…when you review the Nike vapor range, could you do
a comparison afterwards between the Vapor pro combos and old VR pro combos?
I’m getting new irons this spring and am not the tallest person out there
but still like to work the ball, and as a Nike fan, I would love to see the
new vapors out-perform the shorter hitting VR pro combos. Keep up the
great reviews in the meantime, you’re channel has been a huge help to me
over the last year and a half! 

Vici Martynov says:

Well Rick your review of the Nike Forged VR Pro Combo irons was spot on,
just returned from the range for their first hit, they are “silly good”, I
am going to love playing with these – thanks ;-)

Ben Norris says:

I change irons like I change my shirt, but I’m back with the Ping G series
again. They are so reliable and will take a BEATING. I’m lucky enough to
live in Phoenix so the fitting center is just a 10 minute drive. I’ve
played G2, G10, i15 and G15s. I’ll probably try the 30s, but giving up the
G15s would feel like losing a limb.

Joshua Payne says:

I can’t believe the RSI series is number 1. No where near better than any
of the new Mizuno range.

Casey G says:

Great video! I just picked up the Mizuno JPX 850’s and they hit like a

Pete Dorr says:

+Rick Shiels PGA Where do the Ping i25 irons fit on your list ?

Jungho Kim says:

I have the Srixon 745s, S55s from this list… Surprised the TM RSIs
topped the list…

Golf Squad says:

Hi rick, these video’s are really helpful and loving the other video’s,
could you check out are channel and maybe mention us in one of your

Justin Damico says:

Mizuno JPX850 forged , slim look and easy to hit. 

Vaughan Waison says:

Debating on pro combo nike vs titleist 714 ap2. What’s your take on either.
Pros vs cons – thanks 

Romband1919 says:

Rick its should be the other way around … Nikeeeeee is the richest
company and their 2015 clubs are best …

Fraser 23 says:

This was the first time in my life that I decided to buy new golf irons. I
had my heart set on the titleist ap2’s but decided to try out the Srixon
745’s after seeing Ricks review. I tried them both at a local shop here in
Melbourne. the feel and forgiveness was instantly far superior in the
Srixons. I have played 3 rounds now with my new z745’s and I am enjoying my
golf now more than ever! Thanks Rick!!! 

gtrpwolfi says:

I miss Cobra Fly-Z, I love the look of the new clubs.

Stephen Green says:

Thanks Rick, now want to dump my mizuno box 800 for the Ping Gel irons,
just watched the review. 

Clay Fleming says:

Rick, did you have the opportunity to try the Cobra irons when you tested
the drivers? The irons I am most excited about are the forged Fly Z + and
the Wilson FG Tour V4. Wilson doesn’t always get a lot of love but the FG
Tour V2 was fantastic so I am really looking forward to the V4.

Ryan Murphy says:

No Mizuno MP range? pssssst!

Ken Lightfoot says:

I play G25 irons, checked out the G30 irons and they are very much the same
in looks and performance, so don’t feel like changing. I was impressed by
your review on Taylor made RSi1 irons, may give them a try. Enjoyed the
review on top ten irons.

Max Pickering says:

You rated the Cobra Fly Z drivers quite high in your top 10. Have you not
had a chance to hit the fly z irons or didn’t they make your top 10.

golf raven says:

was interesting until #1. Looks on paper really good but are just crap and
he just tries to sell TM. 

Scott Glennie says:

Hi Rick! Ive used a set of Callaway apex pro irons for the 2014 season and
loved them! But for 2015 I’ve put the apex mb’s in from 7 iron up! Feel the
blade gives me a lot flatter ball flight into the green and so much easier
to fade! 

S Jan says:

there is only one brand that never appears in rankings, which should! MIURA!
no bullshit about them not wanting to participate of advertise or
whatever… they are the best possible iron and if you take your role as
rankers seriously, you should go hunt for them!

Fred Waterman says:

Rick I live in the U.S. I am 13 and I am hitting my driver with a 210 yard
carry is that good? I am not the best at getting it more straight and far.
I also need help hitting my irons farther. I have a Taylormade tour burner
9.5 degrees and stiff shaft and I have knock off irons that I hit fairly
decent but not far. What should I do or could you post videos about it, I
love your videos

Matthew Rampersad says:

Good video, thanks. I wish I was in the market for a set of clubs, lots of
good stuff out there. I have to stick with my Rocket Bladez for a few more
years before I look into a new set. 

John E says:

It would be hard to pick a list of only 10 clubs. I hit most of the new
Irons and ordered the Callaway XR which isn’t on the list. The Taylor Made
RS1 looked great, was the long and consistent but it launched lower and I
didn’t like the feel of either stock shafts. It was longer than
everything but the BB. The Callaway Big Bertha was the longest, easiest to
hit, and most consistent in distance and direction, but I just didn’t like
the looks and didn’t want to let go of the extra money. The XR looks
almost identical to the original XHot. Great looking club. With stock
steel and graphite shaft it was actually not quite as long as the TM RS1
but with the free shaft upgrade the UST recoil shaft made up the
difference. I can’t wait to get them.

DAN LUTHER Miller says:

RSI1 AND PING G30 are my best candidates. Both companies keep coming out
with quality offerings year after year.

tigerosan says:

Can a regular shaft compete with a dog shaft as far as distance and loft

Richard Hayes says:

I’d imagine that the new Bridgestone range would have made the list if you
could have tried them prior to this vid. Definitely a lot of great looking
irons this year.

John Brackenbury says:

Rick you never mention graphite shafted irons. I use graphite mizuno irons.
i am 74 and 20 handicapper I am doing right or would steel shafts be best.

Keith Jones says:

Just goes to show its ‘different strokes for different blokes’ (or

Went for a fitting of the RSi’s and absolutely hated them 🙁
Decent numbers and off centre hits definitely travelled similar distance
but felt alien in my hands and hated the looks yet a dozen hits with the
Tour Preferred MC’s (settled on combo set PW-7MC 6,5,4CB) and I was in love
Try before you buy people and to me most importantly is if it doesn’t feel
right it probably isn’t!!!

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