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The top 10 greatest swings from modern-day professional golf, brought to you by Golfing World.
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David Martinez Villegas says:

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Danko0129 ko says:

He selected the worst swings on tour

83ragamuffin says:

I never comment on videos but this guys opinions other than A. Scotty and CH3 are atrocious. My Lord!!!

Santiago De Ponce says:

Video of him and not the swings

Tdogs golf says:

This guy is a complete idiot!!! #spazzer­čśť

erik Forssell says:

 There are soo many more technically more sound female swings then Lexi. Why would you like a swing like lexis swing it is not very good at all!!

alen crnjac says:

Really Shocking list. Guy doesn't know what he's talking about. Charles Howell III, Stricker, Thompson, Spieth?????? Don't know how no South Africans got onto this list either┬á– Oosthuizen, Schwartzel, Els, Immelman to name a few. Technically they've got to be the best swingers on the planet!! The only one he got right was Scott.

Wacklewis says:

Louis oosthuizen!! He has THE best swing ever

Johnson Hryniuk says:

Agree on number 1.. but where is charl..?

Sandler41882 says:

How can Schwartzel not be in the top TEN, let alone the top 1?

IYHWA says:

Shocking list. Lexi Thompson? Are you kidding me!

James Mwaura says:

This list is, in a word, terrible. To not have Oosthuizen, Rory, Schwarzel etc in this list is outrageous. 

TourSauce says:

Interesting list.. Definitely not what I was expecting… I agree with Ko as she has an awesome move onto the ball.

Hunter Fitzsimmons says:

No Ernie els ???

Joe Berven says:

Seriously stop with the canned ball strike noise…. We don't need to hear anything..

Florian Fussi says:

Rory, Tiger, Schwartzel, Billy Horschel??????

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