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The top 10 most incredible monster putts ever to be televised, brought to you by Golfing World.
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Zen Master says:

What about jack nicklaus’s 102 foot put at Harbour Shores lol

Yo Mama says:

Don't act a fool on the green falling down throwing down your club slamming the flag down all of it is not good for the surface

John C says:

Need to update with Michael Phelps' putt in a celebrity event

josh lomax says:

sound's like TW used a ray cook putter to sink that monster.

J says:

You forget about Jack Nicklaus 102-foot televised put!

Hon DBZ says:

3:30 Mario Bros brother !!!!

Hon DBZ says:

3:09 Mario Bros !!!!!

Sami Huttunen says:

Obviously this list was compiled before Michael Phelps sunk his monster putt in Dunhill Links last year. Beating Terry Wogans record by some…. erm.. 40 feet? 🙂

itzswrv says:

youre retarded he's one of the best putters on tour

brian kimani says:

fuck off how is tiger not in the top 10?

Daniel D says:

ugliest uniform ever- 99 ryder cup team USA

thehockeykid7979 says:

What about jack Nicklaus?

James Redmond says:

thats the only putt Westwood has fucking holed!!

Violascantlose says:

man calm down… just stating my opinion…

13mmxiii says:

The title of the video is Top 10 Monster Putts, Not Top 10 putts made on the first attempt in a match or game and approved by Violascantlose. Pernickety wee fuckers like you are the type who ruin YouTube for everyone.

Violascantlose says:

he had like 10 tries, wasnt even in a match or game.

Braden Kattman says:

This is only on the European Tour.

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