Top 10 Points To Consider When Buying A New Putter

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Bobby Beasley says:

Great video by the way

Bobby Beasley says:

Tank odesy cruiser 7

Tom Cude says:

I started golf a year ago, I use a White Hot Sabertooth putter. I recently have found a new series of putters I absolutely love. I don't see any reviews online for them. You should give them a go, I'm pretty sure they feel better than scotty's. They are called Krono's Putters

Mason Mead says:

I’m using a Tour Edge Bazooka 260 putter, switching because it’s an actual piece of crap, gonna but an odyssey or a Nike method

Random simmo 5 says:

TaylorMade tp Soto copper and black love it had it 2 days

Mdrnsamurai says:

Wanted and scouted a Scotty Cameron forever and finally able to afford one, so I got "fitted" for one and came home with a Newport 2 Select and love it. Took me forever to get away from my Odyssey White Hot #1. Cheers!

mike johnson says:

I have used a odyssey 2 ball for about 16 yrs and am thinking of getting a Taylor Made Spyder could you talk about the different shaft configurations

Ammaar Adams says:

I have odyssey white hot 2 ball and wanna buy a oworks

Jason Bouldin says:

Taylormade tour platinum which I loved but traded it 2 weeks ago for a custom scotty x5r. Absolutely love it.

Benny Garena game says:

I have the odessey oworks 7 putter the 2017 version

Alex Chavez says:

TM Spider Black – For 1 year

david cooper says:

Hi James i have recently been upgraded and fitted for my driver through to wedges and am enjoying my golf, I have a Ping Anser 2 which i have had for 27 years original grip style and after watching this video I was wondering should i upgrade my putter i like the look of the Ping sigma 2 Anser and while i still putt well i could putt better any suggestions would be welcome happy golfing cheers aussie dave

Neil Taylor says:

Bought my first new putter last year after 10 years, swapped to an o-works 2 ball from the original 2ball blade

Jorge Salmeron says:

TaylorMade Daytona, been using it for couple months.

Cody Myhr says:

Just ordered a Scotty Cameron Futura 5W after being fitted for a putter

Barry smith says:

Great review ??

Kevin Wood says:

Replaced my old Scotty Cameron Coronado with a Cameron S5 Futura, center shafted (another point to consider). Nine months ago I bought it and I don't think it's leaving the bag anytime soon. Like the weight and how it lines up over the ball.

Oliver Boustani says:

Taylormade Ghost putter, been using it for 3 years and won't think of changing it

Jaesung83 says:

Currently, in the past 2 years im gaming the Taylormade Spider Tour Black 35inchs putter, all blacked out! Black head, black shaft, with no alignment line. I love this putter its so sexy! But if I had to switch putters, I would switch to Scotty Cameron Concept X CX-02 putter. Or the Evnroll ER2 Midblade putter.

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