Top 10 Points To Consider When Buying A New Putter

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Top 10 Points To Consider When Buying A New Putter – Scotty Cameron Putters, Taylormade Putters, Odyssey Putters, Ping Putters, Super Stroke Grips, Putters for fast greens, Putters for slow greens, Putters for high handicaps, Putters for low handicaps. Putters for beginners. There are so many things you should think about when buying a new putter. In this video I go through my top 10 points you should consider when spending your hard earned money!



Bobby Beasley says:

Great video by the way

Bobby Beasley says:

Tank odesy cruiser 7

Tom Cude says:

I started golf a year ago, I use a White Hot Sabertooth putter. I recently have found a new series of putters I absolutely love. I don't see any reviews online for them. You should give them a go, I'm pretty sure they feel better than scotty's. They are called Krono's Putters

Mason Mead says:

I’m using a Tour Edge Bazooka 260 putter, switching because it’s an actual piece of crap, gonna but an odyssey or a Nike method

Random simmo 5 says:

TaylorMade tp Soto copper and black love it had it 2 days

Mdrnsamurai says:

Wanted and scouted a Scotty Cameron forever and finally able to afford one, so I got "fitted" for one and came home with a Newport 2 Select and love it. Took me forever to get away from my Odyssey White Hot #1. Cheers!

mike johnson says:

I have used a odyssey 2 ball for about 16 yrs and am thinking of getting a Taylor Made Spyder could you talk about the different shaft configurations

Ammaar Adams says:

I have odyssey white hot 2 ball and wanna buy a oworks

Jason Bouldin says:

Taylormade tour platinum which I loved but traded it 2 weeks ago for a custom scotty x5r. Absolutely love it.

Benny Garena game says:

I have the odessey oworks 7 putter the 2017 version

Alex Chavez says:

TM Spider Black – For 1 year

david cooper says:

Hi James i have recently been upgraded and fitted for my driver through to wedges and am enjoying my golf, I have a Ping Anser 2 which i have had for 27 years original grip style and after watching this video I was wondering should i upgrade my putter i like the look of the Ping sigma 2 Anser and while i still putt well i could putt better any suggestions would be welcome happy golfing cheers aussie dave

Neil Taylor says:

Bought my first new putter last year after 10 years, swapped to an o-works 2 ball from the original 2ball blade

Jorge Salmeron says:

TaylorMade Daytona, been using it for couple months.

Cody Myhr says:

Just ordered a Scotty Cameron Futura 5W after being fitted for a putter

Barry smith says:

Great review ??

Kevin Wood says:

Replaced my old Scotty Cameron Coronado with a Cameron S5 Futura, center shafted (another point to consider). Nine months ago I bought it and I don't think it's leaving the bag anytime soon. Like the weight and how it lines up over the ball.

Oliver Boustani says:

Taylormade Ghost putter, been using it for 3 years and won't think of changing it

Jaesung83 says:

Currently, in the past 2 years im gaming the Taylormade Spider Tour Black 35inchs putter, all blacked out! Black head, black shaft, with no alignment line. I love this putter its so sexy! But if I had to switch putters, I would switch to Scotty Cameron Concept X CX-02 putter. Or the Evnroll ER2 Midblade putter.

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