Top 10: World Golf Championships All-time shots

Check out the top 10 all-time shots in World Golf Championships history featuring incredible hole outs, amazing bunker shots and clutch finishes.

43 thoughts on “Top 10: World Golf Championships All-time shots

  1. I would of added Tigers 4 iron at the 2007 Masters (broken shaft), Sergio’s
    2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational “one-hand” shot from up in a tree, and Rory
    Mcilroy’s shot at the Hong Kong Open in 2008 (hooked-wedge from the trees).

  2. Tiger was having so much fun back in the day. I think it all went down
    hill when his father died.

    Despite the mess Tiger got himself into with his ex wife/gf… I think deep
    down he’s a good dude.

  3. Reminded you of the “lights out shot”… Yeah now that you mention it, it’s
    not in the dark or did he stick it to a foot, but yeah it was a golf shot,
    so yeah it kind of reminded me…

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