Top 10: World Golf Championships All-time shots

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Marco Papavero says:

Bugs Bunny was there! There aren’t other explanations

Tour Striker says:

Outrageous shots from some of the world’s best golfers over the past couple
decades. These guys have nerves of steel when the pressure is on.

Ian Loomis says:

I would of added Tigers 4 iron at the 2007 Masters (broken shaft), Sergio’s
2013 Arnold Palmer Invitational “one-hand” shot from up in a tree, and Rory
Mcilroy’s shot at the Hong Kong Open in 2008 (hooked-wedge from the trees).

Carey Fletcher says:

2:39 james furyk

Dustin Bushyakanist says:

James furick

Louis Nachmansohn says:


Arnold Lopez says:

This is like cod trick shots, but for golf lovers.

Carlos Gouvêa says:

I desagree totally!

Vincent Roy says:

Three of them are on the same hole ?

Darkness3827 says:

This is going to change some after Dubuisson’s magic.


Top 10: World Golf Championships All-time shots:

WizKid says:

Tiger loves his cougars 

koni quidachay says:

+Angela Miracle

canefan17 says:

Tiger was having so much fun back in the day. I think it all went down
hill when his father died.

Despite the mess Tiger got himself into with his ex wife/gf… I think deep
down he’s a good dude.

JP DeFranco says:

Reminded you of the “lights out shot”… Yeah now that you mention it, it’s
not in the dark or did he stick it to a foot, but yeah it was a golf shot,
so yeah it kind of reminded me…

Graham Clayton says:

The Watney chip-in is my favourite.

National Players Association says:

These are great shots from around the +PGA TOUR! #golf #PGATour 

Amr Shaikh says:

Tiger is the best GOLFER EVER!!!!!!!!!! 

Sport says:

I like all of these shots,particularly Tiger’s two.
Voted No.3 I thought this was a good shot with the pressure of a play off.

Bon Golf says:

Top 10: World Golf Championships All-time shots

avfc85 says:

Stewart Cink looks hilarious when he takes his cap off. Great tan lines. lol

Joe Shit the Rag Man says:

pretty sure that he kissed the ball 😉

MrLovinthecheese says:

The name’s Bond…. Jim Bond

Justin Wakeling says:

“nickname” is probably the word you are looking for… lol

AdamzFifaTipsHD says:

It is a good shot if you get it out of a bunker like that let a lone in the

Niclas Jespersen says:

Where is Jim Furyk`s hole out from the bunker?

TheColonater1 says:

technically thats Tiger’s swing.

Anton Löfgren says:

you know they’re good when #10 starts with a hole out wedge.

bncejwsdn bfkewq says:

tigers smile at 3:44 is class, a full on trying not to smile smile:D

vicmanuelarmenta says:

is that porn music at 2:49???

flawless093 says:

number 5 : sorry but was that shot supposed to be very hard? i dont play

flawless093 says:

and what was the ” lighters ” thing supposed to mean? 🙂

IRISH142012 says:


faceones ok says:

A zinger shot at memorial was a great one

LoaforDie says:

Awesome Tiger moment in #3

Teun Dielesen says:

love adam scott his swing

Koira24 says:

james furyk????? WTF!

Skopey says:

James is his actual name, Jim is a shortened version.

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