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John Decker says:

Not sure if you have a video for this already, but do you have anything for shorter golfers? Im 5'6" and I feel like I have to put the ball really far away from me?

stabes70 says:

Another Great Video..It's really helped?

Brad Junes says:

Best I've ever seen thanks—guys ( I'm really need help) I'm so looking forward to trying these. things thanks again–and good luck–in your futures

Dakota Powell says:

I have been playing for Seven years and undergone many lessons. After learning these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it), I shot a 75 after 2 buckets working on the ideas presented in this book, particularly the grip section, the ball position and most importantly the through swing drills. My previous handicap is Thirteen, but now I am beginning to drop it. It is outstanding guide!

XBall_is _LyfeX says:

You guys are a really good teacher and have improved my game alot

Aseem Gaur says:

Really good tips on the chips

tetramediagroup says:

Great tips, guys.  Really straightforward, easy to follow.  Well done.  One note:  Laser Beam not Laser Beem.  Simple editing fix, that's all.

Dave Burgard says:

Up, down, and in…so simple but it has helped me so much! Been using it in practice and this is my new go to swing thought for chipping. Thanks guys. Great video and tip!

charlie tindill says:

What club are you using Andy ? I seem to struggle with the 56 should I be using a sand wedge ? By the way your water bottle exercise is excellent.

Ian McFarlane says:

I refer to this video a lot for corrective surgery and when I need to press the short game "reset" button. Not sure whether it's just my YouTube player but the boys seem to have inhaled helium?? ?

Paul Horowitz says:

Beam not beem!

David Bryson says:

Great video boys, keep them coming!

Francisco Nassauer says:

In what golf club are you playing in?

Johnny Jumbuck says:

Have been getting myself twisted in knots physically and then of course mentally over chipping. After watching these three tips just went out and hit 20 chips like a pro. Thanks guys – you explained the problems and correct technique very simply and clearly.

Sean OBrien says:

As someone who has struggled with pulling the club inside on the takeaway of full shots, what do you think about using the Up-Down-In method for full shots also.  It certainly helps with keeping the club in front of me but do you see any pitfalls?  Thanks — my chipping has improved tremendously with these tips

Fake TonyAbbott says:

You guys are the best golf teachers on you tube. My game has improved massively since I started adopting the techniques I learned from your channel. Thanks heaps!

John Fan says:

What club are you using in this video? Loft?

groupe 584 says:

Hi thanks for the tips. Mickleson recommends the technic of breaking quickly the wrist and then keeping the hands before the club in the descent. What do you think about this?

Vincent Beaurivage says:

Liked the laserbeam drill but i am not a huge fan of that much body rotation on such short distance chips… Still, I will give this a try! Thanks!

Alan Telford says:

would love to know ball position and shalf lean or vertical, am still hitting behind ball

John T says:

This may be your best video .. good job!

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