Top 3 Moves to Shallow Out Your Golf Swing and Hit Longer Drives!

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Shallowing the shaft in the downswing gives you not only more clubhead speed and distance on your drives, but also allows for a very natural squaring movement. In the proper slot position, you are set up to hit all 9 flights.

I teach a very specific pivot that will automatically get your swing shallowing so you can hit up on the ball with higher clubhead speed. To learn it step by step visit:

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jch3200 says:

From 5:45 on is pure gold, for me at least. This explained more clearly of my coming down too steep and out to in swing that is getting the very high pulled drivers I've been hitting. Thanks Steve

charly yoo says:

No pushing or pulling. It’s all about throwing. Is everything float loaded til 7:35 where the throwing motion actually starts?

Jeff Clendenin says:

"Shallowing the shaft" appears to describe what happens without explaining the value of the move. From what I can see, it allows the shaft to drop more or less perpendicular to the torso, which allows for greater speed with less effort as you rotate. Is that the purpose behind shallowing, or is there something else?

John Pritchard says:

Great video. Thanks for the very clear explanation.

Solitary Piper says:

You turn that torso so quick without dropping the arms back into place that they where at address, your going to cut / slice the golf ball. You gotta drop the arms / hands back down with your back to target for a straight golf shot ??‍♂️

555Trout says:

Good video. Colleague here who taught golf for 30 years. Just wanted to add the what I saw in addition to your points as conceptual issues not allowing shallowing, was players wanting to rotate their right forearm counterclockwise in a misguided effort to square the club. And of course they'd often begin early in downswing, then curtains. I found that if I got them to believe and understand the right firearm loads counterclockwise and unloads clockwise, all good things happened.

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