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Mark Crossfield and the gang talk backswing golf tips that will actually help your golf game and help you improve. watch as the guys share their top 5 backswing golf tips dealing with overswings, club paths, impact and wrist angles. Stat hitting longer straighter tee shots and drives and start improving your approach play with some simple golf swing ideas for all level of golfers.

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Chester Walker says:

Current back swing too deep. Arms don't have enough space and it's hard to shallow club.

Shane Mccormick says:

yep im one of those righty golfers that throws left handed…. have a massive problem with reverse tilt when overswinging…. that drill helps heaps!!!! thanks guys the vids are awesome?

glenn pryor says:

Backswing thought: Get shaft and club over and in line with my right shoulder. Helps me set the plane……

Carl Incledon says:

I thought Dan's backswing tip was to tap your right foot???

Howie Land says:

This was one of your best coaching vlogs — very clear, insightful, and, most important, practical. Thx!

Adam Jackson says:

I've always felt that with even a rudimentary understanding of ball flight laws, and a VERY clear picture of how you want your shot to go.. your backswing will sort itself out. Your brain is intelligent enough to make your body do whatever you tell it to… but it's not so great when you try focusing on positions instead of swinging into a picture.

Sean Tobin says:

Time to get the fence treated buddy

Rich W says:

"As a kid it was always long"….. bit too much info there brah!

Devin Wright says:

You asked about backswing feels/triggers. For me I know I'm going to hit it well when, at the "top" of my backswing, I feel the weight of the club resting on my cupped trail hand in combination with a tall yet weighted feeling in my feet. From there I trust that I can load hard, turn hard, and hold my wrist angles through the swing. Without that feeling at the top I know that I tend to throw my angles and matchups go all to hell. And although swings with various clubs are naturally different, this feeling is true for me from chipping to driving with the exception of bunker shots and high chips/pitches when I want to use more of the bounce and add loft.

Dave Reid says:

Some wonderful attire in this video. Dan looked so young until you zoomed back to the beige trouser.

Dave Reid says:

My back swing feels right when I don't overswing. Reference points as such. Club outside the hands a smidge at first parrarel. Then stand the club up so the handle points between my feet and ball. And finally. A tiny "Crossfield Rev" and lay the shaft down as much as I can. These thoughts Fixed my slice. #Lowerhandleonthedownsing

Sivert Haddal says:

The problem with a normal shoulderturn, and the wrists collapsing at the top, thats me. I am paralell with my wedges at the top. Do you have have some spesific tips for me to work on for that? Thx

Keith Mancinelli says:

My newest backswing thought (after a proper lesson) is to take the club back with my shoulders/chest. Apparently, I was very wristy, which was leaving my club face extremely open from the start, and somehow it also cause my hips to still be in the way at the transition. After the change, the club face is in a better spot, and there is a dramatic change (on camera) at the amount of space between my hands and my waist. Now I have a better starting position (at the top of the backswing) with both my club face and the spacing for a proper downswing.

Konrad Bidwell says:

This is the thing with golf some of the skill involved in a weird swing pattern is much more than a conventional one(if conventional golf swing even exists).

a well says:

Love the thoughts and inputs from all 3 of you. Really stimulates the old noggin, and even more fun to try and experiment with at the range, and even on the course. Thanks Boys!

jonbon1616 says:

What a great tutorial, I now know I reverse tilt but need to sort it out. 🙁

Arsenio Galarza says:

What wedge do you use to chip with in the garden?

terry howard says:

4.26 loving Dans robot

stu says:

You need to re stain your fences bruh.

Jerdo says:

Fantastic content Mark…….wrist angles for me….thanks brah!

Jeff Munn says:

Mark needs to stain the fence with a proper stain!

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