TOP 5 Drivers in 2017 | Review | American Golf

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john nuttall says:

Well done . . . a cracking test ! Keep 'em coming.

Sebastian Nachilly says:

The only thing is if ur a traditionalist then ull obviously like the titleist. If u dont care and u like new looks then u like tm or epic

Lu Wagner says:

this is a great review. .. ESPECIALLY because there were 6 categories.
1. This was a none biased review because he uses the D3.
2. These all had their factory specs no shaft changes to match his swing.
3. All had a chance to shine and he chose the M1 because it came out on top based off a point system not longest drive!!!
Very helpful to us beginners and anyone looking for the next best thing. if you gave or give a thumbs down after such a informed review, you probably own one or two of the losers.
4. He had birds chirping and cheering him on lol… cheerioooo

john sneade says:

would be a better head review if the shafts were the same

CG Mat says:

Can you knock points off for any club costing over £300?? Ridiculous prices who on earth is paying for these, our pro has sold none yet…

Scott Brady says:

The Ping was last year

Charles Farley says:

One of the best reviews I have ever seen.

DoctorJedi says:

f7+ might spin less for you. thanks for your video and work.

Bryan H says:

M-1 is the ugliest driver out there maybe your color blind? Lol

Bobby Parson says:

Back spin was crazy on the cobra

normand gravel says:

did you bin fit for all this driver???
I had bin fit for all these 5 drivers and more exactly bin fit for 9 of them, if I tell you my result for the 5 same driver as you and +, The winner is, Ping G LST (1), Callaway epic sub zero (2), Talormade M1(3) Titleist D3 (4), Cobra F7 (4), Callaway epic (6), Talormade M2 (7), Titleist D2 (8), Ping G (9).

ibass2 says:

Good job…. just curious how you felt about the standard Epic, as a good amount of golfers feel it,s a more comfortable driver to hit. Good ball speeds, adjustment, and forgiveness. Thanks for the unbiased test… so many good drivers on the market

K4crasher says:

Really good review. Looks, in the eye of the beholder. Overall distance might be worth another division.

grumpy2159 says:

surely the dispersion is mostly down to you not the club so should that score count? But if you had to buy one would it be the T/M or Epic?

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