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Top 5 Iron Golf Tips

In today’s Impact Show we’re at the Leadbetter Academy in Orlando, Florida and we’re giving you our Top 5 Iron Tips! We'll not only be showing you how to strike the ball the best you've ever struck we'll be making you more accurate. We hope you enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to get MORE DISTANCE or BETTER ACCURACY this video is the one for you! Let’s take charge of your game!

COMMENT below to let us know what you need help with, or what type of video you'd like to see next!

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Alfred Brown says:

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Alfred Brown says:

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Allen Smith says:

Another excellent video

Jose Flores says:

Thank you Pierce and Andy!

J's play says:

Nothing to do with the video.. but I like that you guys aren't wearing hats in this video. Without the hats I feel like you guys are more sincere.

Is that weird?
Idk maybe I just feel like your comradery in this video clearly shows. And I think it has to do with the hats lol.

Movie Bloog says:

I have spent months researching ways to improve your golf and discovered a fantastic website at Gavs golf tactic (google it if you are interested)

Owen Dawson says:

What program are you using to create the animation in your videos. Is this a plugin for final cut or adobe premier? Thanks for your vids.

HeraBros07 says:

Do you guys recommend using more than one training aide at the same time? Like say the towel and the noodle tube for instance? Thanks for the reply in advance. By the way, love your videos!! ??

teoff16 says:

Just plain dumb.

M H says:

Brody from Homeland….is that you?

Joseph Stumpff says:

Love your videos! Shaving shots off my game!

Austin C. says:

I’ve never seen so many unnecessary and surly “training aids.” Definitely look like a fool on the range with all those gadgets.

Chris Pagan says:

I work there!!! Sucks I didn’t get to meet you guys! Cheers

Pepa S says:

golf is a gentlemans game

crog09 says:

these guys suck at golf in real life

ash edwards says:

As a beginner I really find your tips and advice great, keep up the great work!

Craig Goodwin Golf says:

Excellent editing as per but not one single original idea from the 5 tips

Swirle13 says:

Hey, you guys uploaded this on my birthday!

Lavar_Ball says:

On the second tip, you said those who hit before may experience a low flight path after practicing. How would you correct this further?

Michael Roman says:

What type of golf stick did you use and what type of bends did it have for the first exercise???

Mister SS says:

6:27 Pierce hits the wall flat faced “fu@k you f@ck yooou son of a bi$ch you son of a bi?ch fu@@@@k”

Love the vids guys you have come along way from when you first started big fan!!

mr. rbt says:


Alex Roth says:

Perfect timing! I just had an awful round with my irons and will use these to improve

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