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In this video we take a look at biggest mistakes all beginner golfers make when buying brand new or second hand equipment.

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The Golf Giveaway says:

Good advice as always Simon?. As a new golfer I bought a cheap package set and the desire to buy “better” to fix my problems is strong…but then I realize after hitting a good shot 1/5 that the equipment is better than I am lol

Serenity in silence says:

I made the mistake of buying a set of irons off eBay without ever seeing them. They were almost exactly as advertised, but they listed the flex as a stiff flex. After receiving them, I found out they are x-stiff. I lost some distance and hit about 15 yards right of line consistently. I’ve considered reshafting them, but it would cost as much as I payed for them to do. Would you recommend going to a shop and trading for a different set of second hand clubs, or re shaft the ones I have now?

David Westernall says:

Golf can be an extremely cheap hobby, especially as a beginner as long as you aren't a victim of marketing. At the start, the one area that needs the most work is the golfer and that involves investing a lot of time, you can not short cut that by spending money, despite what the marketing claims. What a lot of new people learn is that spending big money can lead to serious disappointment when that cost is not rewarded with improvement. Practice is the key, not new gear especially at the start.

allo cromeau says:

Your on fire brah???

Richard Scott says:

Great advice Simon I only buy pre-owned clubs. I bought a mixed set of Cobra irons F9 forged TEC an muscle backs for 300 U.S and I love them. That way when I sell them I'll make some money on the deal.

Rex InFx says:

Thank you, I'm new to the game and this is very helpful!!

Hyasmo says:

I learned early on that I care more about my wedges then I do my 3 wood and hybrid. I carry certain wedges for different reasons.

MKZ-Toten says:

Agreed! I will never change my box set putter. I feel so comfy and confident with it!

steven cowan says:

Dude .customer of myn gave me a titleist 915 d3 for £20 . Beat that ?????????

Rogue Porqupine says:

What irons would you suggest for a beginner looking to spend around the 100 to 150 mark. I can hit it far but more often than not its well off to the right. When I was playing last Sunday one of the guys said the clubs I have (old and given to me for free) were almost blades and if I got a set of cavity backs I'd be a lot better

J Beres says:

Been using my dad cheap Prodrive club set for years and have been unable to break 105.. just got myself some secondhand ping s57's and instantly down and almost breaking 90. (Half the club head size and slightly longer) hit them straight every time! Now to fix the putting haha

Oliver Voss says:

When are you going to start your fitting business?

magnetic snowy says:

been playing golf for little over 2months now and ur videos are a great help man

James Brown says:

How are things coming together with your second hand fitting? Sanford springs giving you the space and freedom to start it up and get the players down (saying down solely because I’m from the north/Glasgow)

James Nesbitt says:

Love your videos mate. I just bought a PXG 0211 driver based on your video you posted recently. I haven't hit it before buying ? Wish I had watched this video first ?

James Fawcett says:

Simon, weeks ago you said you were going to do a Hogan video. There are frankly offensively low priced Hogan iron sets out there, they are so unfashionable! You should spread the gospel.

Carl Owens says:

What irons would you recommend me at a handicap for 14.1 I currently have taylormade burners in the bag but the 5 iron has no cavity back in it was broken when I received the clubs

Will Deit says:

Great summing up Simon, thank you

Stuart Horn says:

Loving the content and frequency of uploads bro. Activity creates opportunity!! keep on smashing it. ????????

Ryan B says:

Simon smashing the uploads lately! ??

The Foxy_afnafLover says:

Simon the tip , Don’t buy without hitting it. Does that apply to the PXG driver. Or is the deal to good to miss?

Liam Bissell says:

Heya mate, just wanted to say loving the content. I found your channel just over a year ago when I was starting out in gilf and found your videos very helpful. I now have a full bag of secondhand clubs which I absolutely love, thank you for all of the shared wisdom and keep up the great work, all the best ?

Aaron Brown says:

Just watched your video and I think you've saved me a wedge on a new set of irons, I quite simply don't need a new set but just wanted them because they're shiny and new and so 2021, although they would look amazing in my bag they definitely won't fix my game so for that I'm thankful ?, but I do really want/need a PXG 0211 driver though ?

DA COX says:

Wish i had this insight and more patience last summer. Bought rogue x irons off rack. Good clubs but light high spinning shafts aren't suited for my swing speed so bought again this summer. Also guilty of blindly ordering long clubs online based on what i believe i need. Been lucky on that end though as my choices of lofts and stock shafts have worked out.

Greg Barth jr says:

Thanks Simon. Much appreciate the advise. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

hkp says:

What do you think about Arccos?
Worth it to see the bad side of your game? Or do I need to be a low hdc player for that?

john rice says:

Maybe the wrong wording but for once I didn't watch this video , just listened while eating my burritos .
Very interesting listen, class mate … ps I'm that 55year old bloke that's still trying to smash it haha

Big Tree says:

biggest thing I've learned is the new clubs and technology won't fix your issues.. I spent a lot of money on clubs when I first started and honestly wish I had started with an older "pro" style of irons and learned how to truly find the center and flush it..

I had chunky monkey clubs and got away with a lot of bad shots because.. I got to a point were I thought I had earned the right for more player irons and I couldn't hit them.. ended up selling them at a loss.

fitting has helped a bunch for me too I'm tall and need some longer clubs with different lie angles. end of rant, but great video bro. I really love this channel it's amazing cheers from the US!

Levi Rooots says:

I use a 1p 7 iron off eBay and a £15 driver from sports direct. Get on some Slazenger v 300 if you want to start out

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