Top 5 Predator 212 Mods and Tips

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We take a Predator 212 engine and show you our top 5 mods and tips that we use in the shop everyday. Whether it's a brand new Predator 212 or a used one, these tips will get you pointed in the right direction.

Predator 212 –
Stage 1 Kit –
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0:00 Intro
0:45 Loosen Throttle Assembly
1:31 Turn Pull Starter
2:59 Low Oil Sensor
4:06 Governor Screw
4:51 Oil
5:39 Bonus Tips


Enoch Auguste says:

I put a Honda helix belt on my stock 212 with the internal governor and hit 40.4 MPH the belt was 31in x 1in

xXZeroxgamerXx ;-; says:

Woah I thought a stage one kit was putting the billet flywheel on and billet rod and taking out the governor?

Jacob Neymeiyer says:

I bought a predator. fresh out the box I removed gov gear/oil sensor. Put it back together. Later I pulled the valve cover off to swap valve Springs. I noticed a little bolt just chillin by the exhaust side push rod. One of the bolts from the breather slot came undone while engine was running and just plopped down. Surprised it didn’t damage anything. But to this day I check torque on every bolt/nut/screw on the engine. Especially internals

rtz549 says:

Now do some videos on how to double, triple, and quadruple the power! Call up the factory and tell them we want 50 horse motors!

Tank Rawlins says:

When I took the oil sensor off my cousins predator 212 for a install on his mini bike it was hard as hell to get the screw out I was using a wrench but it was still really hard

Joseph Luis says:

Wait so I put oil them turn the engine on and let it run for 30min then drain it then add oil?

larry_to_goated says:

U look 23 but sound 47 😂😂😂

Joe A says:

Hey guys I can't believe no one has mentioned the resemblance this man has with G-Eazy! Aha its unreal!

Wyatt Winans says:

Instead of a sticker I just wrote (Harbor Davidson) so it would fit the 35+ mph minibike I have.

Joshua Goodsell says:

looking for any help, the pull starter on my 212 wont retract, but thats only when its bolted on.. it retracts fine and normal when we remove it from the engine so…lol

Skip Johnston says:

Just bought one of these engine and while doing research came across your videos. You say after 30 minutes of running at an idle, change the oil, which I will indeed do. The instructions say the operational break in period will last about 3 hours of use during this period do not apply a heavy load and do not operate the engine at its maximum speed. Is that what you do or recommend? Thank you for your videos I learned a lot!

rdety says:

Nice Vid..good info!

Korey Williams says:

I just placed 2 orders for some new parts. I have an exhaust, torque converter, mikuni carburetor, air filter, and flywheel installed so far. What parts do I need to replace on the inside 🤔 I was looking on your website and there's alot of different numbers and what not but not alot of information.

Deucealive75 says:

Another tip. Do not start your engine and let it idle for 30 minutes. They were not designed to sit around idling.

Isaiah Jacobs says:

I have a question would I be able to use an aftermarket filter with the predator 212 without the adapter kit? I ordered one from you guys and it just came with the filter I guess it was a mistake but I’m just going to order another I have my header and jet and really wanna install the mods now without waiting on the adapter is there a way to run it without the adapter or can I run just the jet and the header for now with stock foam filter

Greg Kiehl says:

Witch 212 is the Hemi or the reg and do you have the part number

BWX says:

I never get the cool black and white sticker.

Ashton Duran says:

hey i have a question and i would appreciate if you answered. so i just currently bought the trail master mb storm mini bike and i would like to add some suspension. i was wondering if the mini bike suspension kit listed on your website would fit my bike. i would really appreciate if you responded. 🙂

Chrucifer says:

Hello nice video great tips. I'm writing because I recently purchased a Coleman CT200's/Mega Moto 212 Performance Kit but I lost the Upgraded .038 Main Jet. Is it possible to order another main jet?

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