Top 5 Putters of 2017

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Top 5 Putters of 2017 with PGA professional Mark Crossfield. Mark talks about some of the best putters of 2017 that could help you with your golf game and which ones you might want to try in your next custom fitting. Putting maybe the most under looked skill in golf with many not understanding that a different shape, sound and feel of a putter could help you improve your golf scores.

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John Goddard says:

No Bettinardi!?

John Hagan says:

Here is a radical idea I am developing from the point of view of a good pool or snooker player where it is a simple matter to cue a straight ball into a distant pocket rather than potting an intervening ball. Left hand anchor, right arm/hand active. Stance similar to pool or snooker but with the opposite foot forward. Putter longer, double grips, top grip (stable) with top arm across the body. Putter face with severe negative loft (10-20 degrees putter depth narrow) to keep the ball well forward in the stance which allows head and body to stay well behind the ball as in a pool or snooker shot. It also allows the player to never take his or her eyes off the line of the putt (which also prevents the yipps). As in a pool or snooker shot control is by extending the contact with the ball as long a possible 'through' the ball. Practice swings and ball contact similar to pool or snooker but bottom arm can lift slightly as to allow for ground clearance. Short shots can resemble a straight 'push' whereas the longer ones require a longer back swing.
photo of putter and its usage.

Sananda pga says:

spider all day

James Logan says:

But how will you scoop the ball?

Karl Storr says:

Cleveland tfi best I've used

pwilsonlf3 says:

Spider tour is greatest putter ever made, just feels like an extension of your body. Just feels right.

John Davis says:

Just put a Evnroll ER6 in my bag. Love the tech

Sean Rabbitt says:

Put that edel in the bag

David George says:

The Cure putters. I have the RX4 and it has been a game changer for me. Very happy to see people using those big name putters ?.

Ls Chavez says:

Whos back yard is this ? Looks dope. how much did it cost to get this installed ?

Dave Reid says:

Why haven’t we seen the spyder in your bag? Would love to see you sink some birdie putts with it. Birdie my face.

Rob Scherer says:

Love the 2-ball!

Don Powell says:

The best thing I see on his putting range is the New Fence.

Stormtrooper1488 says:

These pros just want to hype up the market and try to sell new putters in pro shops. It's a scam game.

If you go on ebay or a second hand place, you can get almost exactly the same shape putter a few years old for 1/10 of the price new.

Calamity says:

Where are the scottys

dobrostarr says:

Will you post a link to the line/noline putters? I struggle with alignment and think lines screw me up. Would love to hear your take.

andy h says:

Hi mark took your advice and had someone look at my putter stroke and been told I need a face balanced putter I've narrowed it down to two on price etc could you give me your thoughts between Odyssey White Hot RX 7 Putter and PING SIGMA G Tyne Platinum Putter thanks

Simon Beresford says:

I've had my Scotty for 12yrs n can't part with it although I like the look of the Spider hmmmm….

J. 4NASH says:

had the red day spider tour putter. it’s was real good. first day with it at the practice greens the black face started to chip off the black paint. so i took it back and got them to order me a Newport M1. way better putter imo, but it’s all personal feel. didn’t like the odyssey new putters. the micro hinge face was weird for me. it springs off the face but it was skidding a ft and then roll. the standard loft is strong for me. maybe if i got one with 4.5° loft it would of done way better but i’m happy with my custom scotty and CT putters

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