TOP 6 Low – Mid handicap irons in 2017 | Review | American Golf

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In this video PGA Professional and American Golf custom fitter Nick Taylor compares the top 6 irons for low to mid handicap golfers from, Taylormade, Callaway, Cobra, Ping, Mizuno and Titleist.

TOP 6 Low handicap irons in 2017:

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gus gatlin says:

how much is titliest paying you lol.

P Rex says:

Please consider changing up the music.

Trevor says:

Interesting how short distance is with the Ping's in comparison to the others. I had i25's and always came up shorter and wondered if it was me or what was going on.

Michael Pasvantis says:

I don't think the AP2 price "rank" is correct. At least here across the pond a 7 club set is higher than the others and the same price as the Apex.

stuart malone says:

Little unfair to use the jpx 900 tour 6 iron while the rest of the clubs where 7 iron

don laney says:

Terrible evaluation… looks, feels and sounds totally biased…

remyd1984 says:

really enjoyed your review! subbed you. But for me ping won the performance as the dispersion is all on the golfer but the club head gives you the backspin. AP2 is worryingly low for its loft no? ping had over 1000 more revs with 1* stronger loft, stopping power is high on my list

Leighton Booth says:

surprised to see the guy that plays AP2's gives AP2 the highest score. Cool story Bob.

tony penny says:

this is very funny today i went to american golf as i have a set of aeroburners and i HATE i was recommended these but they are for really bad players. I like the look and feel of the ping i 200 i was told ur handy cap is to high but i hit 8 shots straight out of 10 i dont like the chunky look of the forgiving club. ur company told me u have to be a 8 handicap and lower for these irons u showed ?

84motopics says:

Good quality video but it bugs me that you can give a club a zero. If it hits the ball, it shouldn't get a zero. One club ended up with an overall percentage of 24%. I can't take that seriously. Just my opinion.

Daris Cotton says:

Nick, is it possible to give these a forgiveness rating as well? Thanks.

Ding Dong says:

play Ping i200 great clubs

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