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In this Swing Quest Video we look at some of the top 5 putting drills you can use in a practice session

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Trem Remm says:

Amazing video, this will help me out a tonnd

Chris Parry says:

Really good drills. Looking forward to testing myself! Thanks

Bluesky202 ! says:

Finished off with solid putts unfortunately routine is too extensive for myself time being the main factor

Ron Kerr says:

Just spent an hour doing these drills with my 2 daughters who are 10&12. Just shortened the distance to the hole for them on each drill. We all really benefited and had the additional competition/pressure/fun of who could finish each drill first – usually them! Thanks – keep up the great content!

Big Al Studios and Films says:

man the last drill is epic… I did that for 3 consec days on the putting green… and last sunday I genuinely shaved off 7 strokes. I holed some good 15-20fters in one stroke…

Willian Smithonson says:

This was great, thanks, I been tryin to find out about "golf books" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Graysonyon Putter Prolific – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my partner got cool success with it.

David Spencer says:

thanks for all the great tips, it's definitely made me think a little more about my short game, and the fundimentals on the green

Tayler Pinx says:

Could u do a backyard drills video for people who can’t get access to course and have to hit out of their backs yard

Paul Engel says:

I agree with the last drill is the best, but I use a different spacing and method.

Five pegs, all about 20" apart and you have to make five balls at each before moving on—no removing the first few. The longest putt will only be about 8' and you will already be acquainted with the line by the time you may reach it. Restarting at the first station works best because you are constantly practicing putts that are less than 3' with some at the furthest two stations. Also, you will end a session with only missing a low percentage of putts, which psychologically is best for a golfers confidence.

Julian Roberts says:

Sorry Pete missed this, great video

Paul Crawford says:

I need to do more if there drills in warm up as my course has birdie opportunities in first 4 holes….

Adam Jackson says:

Great vid Pete. I thought all the drills were fantastic. I've never been any good at the "Gate Drill." I applaud anyone who can do that. I feel a little claustrophobic with my putter stuck between the two pegs. Keep up the great work!

Rich Winterburn says:

Great video Pete, love all the drills. Just wish I had more time to spend on the putting greens.

Eli Beaverson Golf says:

Hey Peter I made a video of me attempting to complete these drills!! Check it out here man ?

Paul Dummett says:

excellent brings pressure into practice;-)

John Ryan says:

Congrats on 150k?

Thomas Jakobsson says:

I did all of this today, and it felt great. Both this video and the new one on early extention has given me super good tools. I can't thank you enough. Especially since I've had a couple of rough lessons with zero progression lately. Thanls to this i might get back to shoting in the 80s again!

Thank you Peter!

Jim says:

Like this, I’ll certainly be including this drill into my practice ??

Stevo Is Lost says:

Great putting drills, thanks.

Quutamooo says:

Do you practice your strike much? Is the tee peg drill good enough? What if the ball is not exactly in the center? I'm asking because on that tee peg drill your strike every time is something like 3-5 millimeters heel. I have found out that Pelz putting clips are great for that. Also I'd like to see more drills inside 3 meters because those putts are holeable on the golf course and not just minor percentages that go in. Also on long putts if the green is not perfect, good putts may wobble away from the hole and bad putts may wobble into the hole.

My pro has told me to practice holing my putts from 1-3 meters and distance control on longer putts and strike with Pelz putting clips. I went from shitty putter to Arccos putting hcp 2,9 (=less than a stroke lost vs scratch per round) in less than a year with those practice methods and a good technique.

Michael Paz says:

Love the drills Pete! Going put them in to my practice routine right away. I've been looking for some more well rounded drills to help cut down on 3-putts and I think these will do just that.

Malcolm A. says:

Excellent set of drills Peter; I have used one or two of them – they can be hard to achieve but they sure do help
I will have to have a go at all 5 at some point
Cheers buddy!

Shane Thompson says:

Can't wait to get out on the putting green this weekend to work on these drillls! Thanks

Aaron Addair says:

I like to put the targeting and the gate drill both together to help my putting

Bradley Hunt says:

Thank you Peter, 3,2,1 and the pace drills were fantastic for me today. I’m just getting back into my golf game and these were great for pressure putting.

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