Top FIVE tips to improve your driving! 🏌️‍♂️ | Golf Tutorials

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Golf experts such as Adam Scott, Tommy Fleetwood and Dustin Johnson breakdown the top FIVE tips that will make your drive further and straighter!


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Stu D says:

4:16 nice one Dustin👍

Dionne Arnone says:

The bite-sized white unusually vanish because diving rapidly weigh pro a likeable manx. literate, energetic toast

Teddy W Gardner says:

Lmfao the dude was liek your carry was only 278. Bruh that on flat ground and without much wind would be like 350 🤣.

Karan Singh says:

Brother added 50 yards to his drive in 3 swings whut

John Doe says:

It ain’t over till the fat lady swings

MrSmashmouth07 says:

Where do they find these guys with these dumb ass question

Carlos alem says:

hola!!! la verdad increible video lo disfrute bastante necesito el proximo grabación me despido les mando besis muchas gracias

TheNo1Waffler says:

4:30 out of breath from swinging 😂😂😂

S C says:

John Rahm's trousers are like leggings… I never realised how huge his legs are?

Andy M says:

I notice your foot is square is that for freedom in the backswing?

Jon Rahm No its because I have a club foot.


Andy M says:

Colin Montgomery needs a haircut after lockdown.

George Jung says:

Cool laid back dude is DJ.

Kimchicracker says:

DJ goes over 300 carry every time he pulls out the driver. Anything under then there’s something wrong with the trackman.

Wayne Holford says:

He may be DJ coach but he definitely was acting like a complete melt with little public respect if any for DJ.

Jamie Jones says:

All this does is make me wish that Nike still made golf clubs

Jordy says:

That dude was pissing DJ off lol

Wilberto Casillas says:

I kinda like a fired up DJ 😂 the guy did a good jawb, I also felt the cringe tho

David J says:

Way too many ads. Understand there's no free lunch but any more than one is a real turn off.

Lucas Carman says:

The one with Laura Davies is actually wrong. Hitting it low in the clubface makes it spin more. It's just flying low so it doesn't seem like it.

Askurenemy says:

The guy interviewing DJ is a total douche

WATO TV says:

For more tips follow

dethman says:

I think DJ wanted to sock that last guy, annoying as hell.

Vinz - The Music Project says:

3:45 The sneakiest drug dealer ever

winston yong says:

Nice! 👍🏻

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