Top Flite XL Varsity Junior Golf Clubs: Ages 12+

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Mas0njlm says:

They are really light too.

john phelim O'reilly says:

sam black im 12 and i hit 240 yesterday *boom*

Anthony Powell says:

Get some Adams or Taylor made

Sam Black says:

Ya i have that set and i hit about 185 with it (im 11)

GENO Dboy says:

my son is 5,6 will it work

Zak Heller says:

I just bought that set today tryed it out and loved it

spazzy MGee says:

nice !!!

Zak Heller says:

look it up a 9 iron has a little slash under it a 6 iron does not have a
slash on the bottom. Just look it up.

xjungfreud says:

Just bought these for my son, nice review!

Zak Heller says:

The 9 iron is a six iron by the way

Jonathan T says:

You a lefty?

xraymods says:

I know right!

xraymods says:

Awesome I’m glad you like it!

Jeremy Frost says:

How tall are you?

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