Top Golf Gifts 2020 – Holiday Gift Guide

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My list of the top 10 gifts any golfer would love. Be sure to use the links below for the latest deals and discounts.

#1 Gift
SkyTrak ▶
#2 Gift
LagShot Golf Link Here ▶
#3 Gift
BLAST Motion Here ▶
#4 Gift
The PRGR Launch Monitor Check it out here ▶
#5 Gift
Athalonz Shoes Here ▶
Use Code: mrshortgame for discount!
#6 Gift
V 1 Golf App Here ▶
#7 Gift
Swing Caddie SC300 Discount Link ▶
#8 Gift
Super Speed Golf ▶
Use Code: MrShortGameFEB21
#9 Gift
DivotAction Mat ▶
#10 Gift
Live View PRO Discount Link Here! ▶
Bonus Gift
Twitch Trainer ▶
Use Code: MrShortGame
Bonus Gift
PowerStick Here ▶

More Gift Ideas Below
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FlightScope Mevo ▶
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Cart Tek Remote Golf Cart ▶
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Mr. Short Game Hat ▶

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My Gear List
60 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 8 Degree M Grind
54 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 12 Degree D Grind
50 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 8 Degree F Grind
46 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 10 Degree F Grind
Titleist t200 4 – 9 Iron – LAGP AXS Shafts
Titleist TSi 3 LAGP Trono Shaft – Driver 9.0
Titleist TS 3 – 3 Metal – LAGP Trono Shaft
Scotty Cameron 2018 Newport 2 – Putter 34″
Ball – Titleist ProV1x

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Ethan Haas says:

I read the golf swing techniques , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it) soon after I received it and the next day I was at the golf field testing out the driving methods for longer range. I was immediately taking correct divots with my irons, properly after solid impact. I hit 10-15 yards more distance than the common range I have with my irons. Get yours now!

Ryno Forebirdie says:

This is why golf alienates so many people stuff is so expensive. Clubs are even more

Carlos Rodriguez says:

Good stuff. Need a shot tracker.

Jon Bingham says:

Love this channel.

Thomas Frisbee says:

He reminds me of Micheal scott

Jimmy P says:

Check out the Down Under Board , I have it and love it . Would enjoy a review by you on it !

mrking013082 says:

I don't see the average golfer getting excited about swing training aids (except #4 and #1). I always lean toward a box of top of the line golf balls from Ttlteist/Callaway/Bridgestone etc. for under $50. I know i hate spending $45 on a dozen balls for myself, but they make great gifts.

Miguel Palomares says:

This video would be better off titled: Top 10 free gifts you got (from vendors) to sell to your viewers with your promo links.

Jonathon Garratt says:

All I learnt from this video is that the amount I spend on a gift is way lower than what he expects me to… More items around the $30-$50 mark please!

GamerPuppy741 says:

2:45 the voice crack lol

Dan Owen says:

Top gift. Mr, Short Game lessons, from Matt… Come on I want to get to par.

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