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KUBE-TV Feature on Top Golf entertainment complex and driving range in Houston. Top Golf is target golf facility where you score points for hitting the ball into catch nets at different distances. It’s a fun place fro everyone, not just the serious golfers. Great food and drink too.


deppleo1 says:

cha cha CHINK CHINK AT 1:50 MARK

dbvball says:

At 1:01. That stance! Lol

Texas HD Video says:

I went back today to TopGolf Houston and was dissappointed to find that the
monday through thursday “until 6pm” price of 20 perhour for the bay had
been doubled to the “peak hour” rate of 40 per hour except before noon. It
was clear that the price increase has affected business, there was plenty
of parking and no waiting or lines. Didn’t see many kids either.

colson altman says:

1st comment

davelehman1 says:

FYI this place is located at 1030 Memorial Brook Blvd., Houston 77084 Kind
of pricey but Lots of fun!!!

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