Top Golf Products for 2020

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This is a look at some cool products from this years PGA show and I give you my top 3 favorite golf products for 2020.
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#1 – Twitch Swing Trainer ▶
#2 – Golf Swing Shirt ▶
#3 – Sure Set ▶

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Motivo Golf Mat ▶

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This is a rundown of some cool products at the 2020 PGA show and I give you my top 3 products to watch out for in 2020.

#1 – Twitch Trainer ▶
#2 – Golf Swing Shirt ▶
#3 – Sure Set ▶

Volvik S4 Golf Balls ▶

Volvik S3 Golf Balls ▶

Travis Mathew Hat ▶

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My Gear List
60 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 12 Degree M Grind
54 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 14 Degree D Grind
50 Wedge Vokey SM7 Bounce 8 Degree F Grind
Ben Hogan PTX Pro 4-PW
Titleist TS3 – Driver 9.5
Titleist TS3 – 3 Metal 15 Degree
Titleist TS2 – Hybrid 19 Degree
Odyssey EXO Stroke Lab Seven 2 – Putter
Ball – Volvik S3

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Mike Warner says:

Fun fact. Kansas city loses superbowl. Rock hard boner shoots out of leather couch. Stay tuned?

noControl says:

Why would someone buy a scooter that cost more but is worse to use than a golf cart?

Golfing Accessories R Us says:

I really like that golf wing shirt. Too cool!

Jmastives says:

Great video!!!

Shane Colville says:

Golden Tee baby!

Ethan Haas says:

7 years already passed when I started out playing and all those years were brimming with practices and training lessons. When I acquired the golf swing strategies , Jοmtοnο Naha (Go ogle it), I managed to make a 75 shot after 2 buckets. I managed to get more knowledgeable about numerous golf concepts like grip, ball position and through swing drills. My previous handicap is thirteen, but now I am starting to drop it. This tutorial is a plus!

Stephen Mitchum says:

Great video but you missed the biggest snake oil in golf, every new improved driver.

Soul hunter says:

Trike for 6k ?

B Canada says:

Conventions is an awesome way for people to be inspired, learn and have fun. Sports and skill & personal development is great for all ages. Alot of gimmicks there but it shouldn't discourage people

Thisisnotmyrealname says:

That bloodline putter guy was scary ?

AmericanPatriot14 says:

hey look golfer boy….just buy a roll of grey mill spec duct tape for crying out loud. Roll several wraps around yourself on the driving range and you can save a bunch of money. And then later on that evening if you and the misses are feeling frisky that duck tape can have other uses…if you catch my drift. Just saying..

Michael Thompson says:

What are we going to do post Covid world were we can't travel to conference and conventions where guys and gals can hawk stuff you don't need. Jack up your credit cards, buy something you use two three times, sits in your garage until you kids have to clean out your house. Something made in China for 2 bucks sold at 200 precent mark up. Pick your industry conference and repeat. Oh the good old days. Thanks for making video and pointing out prices. I think I will spend on green fees, keep it local folks. Cheers

ScratchGolfer72 says:

That twitch trainer dude gave you a super long shafted driver, of course your gonna pick up speed

Charles Thronesbery says:

Why didn’t the chirotractor have a self induced neck decapitation attachment? Are only chiropractors able to do that? Lol

Charles Thronesbery says:

Of all the snakey snake oils there, the disco balls CBD is the snakiest

Coya Campbell says:

Spend the money on lessons and decent equipment and practice/play as often as you can. There are better trainers for free here on youtube!

Edward Price says:

Never buy golf clubs on a rainy day, they will be cursed forever ! It's true.


Love that you ask how much. Put them on the spot lol. Thanks for this.

PerfectPutting says:

Hi Matt – thanks for the great content! I'd love to have you review our product – The Perfect Putting Machine – @t – @zfactorppm – The PPM has been purchased by over 50 professionals on the PGA Tour and we have tons of amazing testimonials on our site. Please let me know if you'd like to test/review the product by reaching out to me at info@@t – Thanks again for your great channel!

chum says:

you were right

conquerer says:

thanks for the girl with nice butt on left

andsowot says:

That golf pro robot ??? imagine the guy who owns that. You'd never tell a soul for the embarrassment!

Tim Taili says:

The level of specialists L1 Technologies (PixelsMatter LLC – Developers of this device) is very low, it is not clear how bushnell golf, motocaddy, and the Yamaha were order development of devices and mobile applications from them. Developers are engaged in theft and copying of branded electrical and GPS devices while presenting the development as their own. Also, the main boss turns out to be violates for women as evidenced by several lawsuits from women against him in the USA! I will not advise this disgusting company.

They periodically open a new company, probably to make a rebranding, since there are no orders at all, the last company was opened under the name Pixels Matter LLC, which is essentially the same as L1 Technologies. @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

Chris Sterman says:

Did you get a chance to check out the Chirrp putting System.
“ Golfing with Celma”

PAPPY 40 says:

Nice job. Why no mask ?

Blackceeser says:

What RB went to your HIgh school that currently plays for the KS Chiefs?

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