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The 40-60 yard shot in golf can be one of the most difficult shots to hit when playing a round of golf. With these tips now you can have confidence and success with this tricky touch shot that causes so many golfers problems. Be sure to check the links below and subscribe to the channel.

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DJ-Flights says:

This immediately helped me! I finally found an empty practice pitching green and hit an entire bucket from about 35 yards to the flag, using my 56 degree wedge. I tried this technique since I just happened to watch this video. I remembered to not break the wrists and played with backswing distance, not tempo/swing speed. I hit every single ball on the green except one at the beginning. Most were near the flag even. I then used this technique the next 2 times I played and put myself in a strong position on the green EVERY time I was 30-60 yards away, no mistakes. Definite game changer, THANK YOU Mr short game!

Gavin Craig says:

One more question. My course has a few uphill lies to greens. What changes would you recommend for the 40-60 yard shot when your on an uphill (or downhill) lie?

Gavin Craig says:

I often have a 40-60 or 50-70 yard shot to the green. I also tend to get too much wrist cock and flip the club. When I do that the ball always goes short. This is a great lesson. Thanks.

Celtic Warrior says:

No, I Love you Man! Thanks, will try it soon. Peace out.

Michael Whelan says:

70 to 90 yd is a much more difficult than 40 to 60 yards

andy mark says:

Hey Matt, every other instructor in golf should just retire. You be da bomb. Keeping it simple is the key for us amateurs. I wish I could play a couple of rounds with you.

Kip Heegaard says:

Awesome tips on no wrist cock and slightly opening the face. Those two alone make it a $$ shot!

FB Sport says:

Wrist cock on 40-80 yard shots is the tool of the devil. It is just one more variable that can go wrong – usually leading to getting too steep and inconsistent direction and distance control.

I also like the tip of slightly opening the club face to engage the bounce more and give yourself an additional margin for error in ball striking.

Mr.ShortGame is far and away the best instructor on YouTube.

Steve Polverini says:

Cash in your chips! Love it.

D-wreck B-check says:

That tip, slightly open at address to engage the bounce, that right there is money. MSG is the best instruction guy on here.

jason lovering says:

Come inside and shallow!

Hello shanksville

James Tepedino says:

How about those lies in the deep grass or hard pan 40-60 yds away


Is this Rustic Canyon?

sparko2012 says:

Makes it look so easy! Top vid. Thanks

Jon Jarvis says:

Practiced this shot all summer also other harder short shots and my short game I’ve seen more improvement this summer than over the past two years combined. Even if you are swinging bad you can score good with a tuned short game!

BobPDXz says:

Feet close together….

Mark Parish says:

what course is this

David Cole says:

After watch your Video I started to Laugh. Too much Cock is harder to control. Damn..

David Cole says:

This is one of my biggest issue. That 80 Yards to 40 Yards in. I either Chunk it or Fly the Green. I prefer 120 – 100 Yards out so I can do a full swing with PW.

Bob Levittan says:

I also don't put any forward lean on the shaft – that takes away loft.

James Taylor Studios says:

I have been finding great luck with my 60 degree from 60 to 20 yards out. That seems to work for me, especially when I have a shot that is below the hole.

pitboss says:

Wrist COCK. Lol

research and development says:

I think Mr. Short game is the best golf instructional person on YouTube..
Thank you man.

Mark Pratt says:

That's a beautiful course…Where are you?

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