Top Golf Travel Tips – Protect Yourself and Your Clubs

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What must you know before your next golf trip? Here I give you some of my top tips when heading to the airport for your next golf adventure. @golfholics #golftravel #golftips

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ernbone says:

35 years of golf trips to Myrtle Beach…Put some socks in a zip-lock in your golf bag… If it's a wet day, dry socks after 9 feel pretty good!

Buttdreads says:

You need more adds

Kevett Mickle says:

Are you here in Atlanta?

chad z says:

You should make a video on golf insurance

James says:

2 dozen balls should cover me for one round of golf 😂🤣😂

Roark Sandberg says:

Just was told by American airlines that only fully hard case type of golf case would have a claim against damage to contents.

Jim Saddler says:

Great surprise at the end! Great golf partner to choose!

Jim Saddler says:

Do you recommend a golf glove stiff arm to put in your bag?

jim h says:

If you fly SW Airlines you need a hard case as the airline will not cover your clubs in a soft case travel bag. I learned this the hard way.

Francisco says:

Traveling to Bandon in March this video will definitely help.

Rej Normandin says:

They cut all locks when you fly from Canada ….

robert gonzalez says:

When will you have more hats available for purchase?

MrPostman900 says:

throwing that range finder around like it isn't worth more than I can normally get friends to spend on the entire trip.

Matt Hoffman says:

What happened to your Nikon rangefinder?

Bo R says:

Please review your voicecaddie rangefinder GL1 or at least give me some feedback here!

bwtoth says:

This reminds me of The Office episode when Michael goes to Canada.

Ray Arlan says:

We flew out of Atlanta to Scotland and the airlines tore the bottom out of both are travel bags. I packed
towels around the top of the FW clubs and nothing was damaged. I don't blame Hrs. Short Game for not
wanting to go to Hartfield AP because of the traffic.

Brian Torney says:

Check with your airline for their coverages. Many offer NO coverage if your clubs are not in a HARD case. I had a hard case broken in transit – 3 & Driver shafts broken. It took a year but the repairs and replacement case was covered. Luckily it was on the return leg of the trip. I highly recommend removing wood heads and don’t forget to pack your wrench. Pack soft items around your iron heads.

Kham Kenchanh says:

Wow! That looks like a lot work MSG 😂 but i guess you have to protect your valuables the best you can. I have heard some pros had their clubs stolen or got lost and a few of my friends who went to compete in another state got their stuffs taken too. My stuff is not very expensive but i love the fittings i have right now and i cannot afford to replace or loose them😂. By the way, your MrsSG is very nice driving you cos if i ask my MrsAG to do for me, we would end up going to courthouse 😂😃😂. Have a safe travel and enjoy your trip! Thanks for great travel tips👌👍👍👍

D J says:

What a great surprise ending with Golfholics dude, love their channel too, you 8 hr guys have a great time!

Ry Mo says:

I hope you get a kick back from ziplock. Ghee should, do you OCD much?

Frank George says:

From 3:413:53, what are you doing???

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