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Kevin Greig says:

Found Evnroll at a Golf Town and the first putt I struck felt amazing. Price is high, but as you say at the end of the video – if it gets the job done it goes in the bag.

Corny Boers says:

Best putters and all copied and based their putters on the original groove technology from the YES putters.

Christopher Auld says:

I agree with you Rick on the evenroll. I actually worked with him on my fitting. One thing I wanted to ask you about is "what are your thoughts on skipping. As in the ball hopping after the stroke. In my experience and own testing the Evnroll and Bobby Grace had the least amount of skips before roll. Evnroll had zero. I noticed when you were testing the spider that even your ball hopped a bit before the roll out. Thoughts?

adri vreeke says:

Kramski is the better putter sorry

Pete Cherry says:

why are you at a putt putt coarse

Redfiled Cris says:

#1 bettinardi

harrison lees says:

May I please request a review on the Wilson harmonized putters

John Hagan says:

Here is a radical idea I am developing from the point of view of a good pool or snooker player where it is a simple matter to cue a straight ball into a distant pocket rather than potting an intervening ball. Left hand anchor, right arm/hand active. Stance similar to pool or snooker but with the opposite foot forward. Putter longer, double grips, top grip (stable) with top arm across the body. Putter face with severe negative loft (10-20 degrees putter depth narrow) to keep the ball well forward in the stance which allows head and body to stay well behind the ball as in a pool or snooker shot. It also allows the player to never take his or her eyes off the line of the putt (which also prevents the yipps). As in a pool or snooker shot control is by extending the contact with the ball as long a possible 'through' the ball. Practice swings and ball contact similar to pool or snooker but bottom arm can lift slightly as to allow for ground clearance. Short shots can resemble a straight 'push' whereas the longer ones require a longer back swing. some photos

Top Suggests says:

I really more benefited from here. thanks

_vw_ 2706 says:

please take out the evnmiss

The Truman Show says:

I’ve tried the evnroll putters and I just thought it felt cheap it didn’t feel good off the face, but that’s just me great vid

Joel Watson says:

Mr. Shiels, I picked up several of the top five putters in my proshop just to kill some time. I was putting 8 balls five feet from the hole and I noticed that the Taylor Made Spider was dropping more balls and gathering around the cup in a tighter formation than with the other well known maker's putters. I Looked at the price and burnt my hands. A couple of days later I am in another shop for some things and found two Spider used putters. I tried the two Spiders with three others well known putters and one I have in my bag. I was dropping balls one after another with the Spiders. Bought the Jordon red model for a third of the retail new price and have played four rounds with it. I have noticed a much better golf game with this Spider putter. Your comment that putters are unique clubs and we golfers should pay attention to different designs to find what fits us. Thank you for the worthwhile presentation. You golfers who did not like this video should reflect on what Mr. Shiels is showing you and suggesting. I think you may be missing something. If not start, your own golf channel and see what you can do with it?

Redfiled Cris says:

No.1 Bettinardi

harrison lees says:

hey rick
what do you think of niblick clubs?

stuart brown says:

Purestrike should be on this

mike hunt says:

The most important thing here is that scotty Cameron are shite and massively overrated.

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