top speed final Yamaha R15 Yellow

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Rohit Baravkar says:

top speed is not everything fools, r15 comes from r1. do you pulsarins know
that. it’s the best handling && best looking bike up to 600cc segment, it’s
wind tunnel tested. consisting motoGP technology. and yes if you lean
forward let the airodynamics work it goes to 150. again it can run at this
speed for hours continiously, can pulsar run continiously with r15. gand se
dhua niklega 10 minute me. if want test stability go to high way and run
both bikes on white line on side of road, then you will know what kind of
shit is pulsar is. it’s like chinese maal chale toh chand tak nahi

bajaj chutiya banata hai………………….he he

Rohit Baravkar says:

yamaha having 6 decades experience of world class bikes. ye bajaj kya
chutiyapa hai sab chip quality maal saaala.

mir khaddim hussain says:

keep calm drive ROYAL ENFIELD

Lpsroxxx says:

fir 75 ki relaunch ki uske baad fuddu fuddu chize change krke kabhi 17.5 se
21bhp krke ya kbhi naya machuda look dekr …..fir se obscelete tech ke 92k
pr bajaj fir se gaand maar rahi hai ….or pta nhi qa pulsar premio ki
gaand sujne ke baad bhi unhe dard pta hi nhi chl rha hai……

Naveen Gopakumar says:

Oh yeah ?? FAZER & FZ 250 are coming soon to kick & screw up P220’s & 200
NS’s asses…So fuck off Pulsars…Don’t mess with a company that has been
manufacturing bikes for over 6 decades with an International Standard for
QUALITY…and they are one among the co-founders of MOTO GP (If you have
ever heard about that)

Pinak Wadekar says:

LOL! for those who fight for pulsar and r15.. chutiya cc ka farak dekho fir
zhagdo na!

Tam Huynh says:

shit, r15 top speed 150km/h,

Naveen Gopakumar says:

YES YAMAHA !!!!!!!!

Rohit Kumar says:

PULSAR 200 NS is here to kick R 15’s ASS… It is a proven thing…
Besides, this bike is rolling down a slope. There is also a 10% speedo
error in these bikes which means the actual speed is just 135kmph… by the
way Pulsar 220 ne to R 15 ki maar hi rakkhi hai, Pulsar 200 N bhi iski
nanga kar ke lega hahaha…. and those R15 riders showing attitude in this
thread- this bike is a poor substitute for Super bikes so dont start to
fool yourselves thinking that you are riding a superbike 😛 😛

Bharath Balan says:


Lpsroxxx says:

u sure if u wud b able to chase one…..son of a lunn who created dis mch
long slope…10% error in r-15 bhosdike ….tera baap mechanic hai..,teri
maa ko kine % R-15 waalo ne choda gandu lund….pulsar 220 ne R15 ki maar
rkhi hai…haha…ya fir pulsar ki khud kitne gaand sooji hui hai use hi
nhi pata….woh chutia 200NS jisme engine bhi air cooled hai woh lullu bike
legi R15 ki ….woh bhi nangi krke….nangi krke toh teri maa ki le lenge
R15 waale…..R15 owners hve paid wht its worth for

Atyush Behera says:

YUP!pulsar is born for fancy faltu bikes hehehe

Lpsroxxx says:

even I don’t want to………..

JOey Tribbiani says:

R15(21bhp) powered with Daytona kit…goes to 150 in 51 seconds!! and u r
saying that his stock bike(17bhp) can do that in 46 seconds??? Grow
up….and talk about the bike not my father bhosdike

Subiron Raju says:

i have both pulsar & r15 & i think r15 is slightly better 7 & m gonna buy
r6 also lets c how fast it goes so guys enjoy ur ride at the same time pls
b safe as well…

JOey Tribbiani says:

Boy!! u shoudn’t have said that,madarchod bhosdike!!

duxw says:

@Lpsroxx coward…your parents because they didnt abort you

Aman Deep says:

shyd tu kisi 220 waly se nhi mila h kbhi

Lpsroxxx says:

@fursur1 -listen u mathrfckingchod bhosdike….u asshle which byk u r
talking abt……if its a slope den u son of a biatch……can’t see tht
almost every top speed video of R-15 has 150 km/h …….toh lund ke chilke
….tu ye kehna chah rha hai ki tere jitne bhi R-15 waale 2nd hand baap
hain woh joothe hain……..coz I am one of dem bhosdikey…so dnt try to
underestimate ur baap……

JOey Tribbiani says:

its a Slope!!!!!

thegrimreaper916 says:

four 220 owners?

Taufik Ismail says:

hai, susah sangat nak dapat 160kmj.huhu..

Lpsroxxx says:

or 151 is the no of daddies u have…..u fking coward….

sonu singh says:

hiiii tell me this video real ya fake….my r15 is going only 125….

Agelos DkMiMaker says:

@shaanraza1 bro!! It’s Yamaha R15 or R150. Engine 150cc. Top Speed almost
150khm. Realy Realy Great Bike. I love it from the first day!!!!! <3

58098king says:

u r watching dream come out child from the dream

Aman Deep says:

u chutiya insani have my 200 ns itne racer ho rha h to lgale race gandfad k
hath m pkda duga smja lund r15 ko gand m dele

Tiger Boparai says:

pulsarz r for d persons who cant afford an r15

Lpsroxxx says:

what abt your mom if she falls boob first on a downhill…..she wud be
reaching arround 151…..

Lpsroxxx says:

@tigerboparai ekdum correct ye @manish9716462792 jaise lund fakeer pulsar
180 jaisi fuddu bikes lekar r-15 waalo ke lund pr baithne ki koshish krte
hain…bc agr aukaat nahi hai toh dnt try to defame a wonderful creation by
yamaha……..gaandu salla……

Alejo Mejis says:

cuando quiera lo atiendo

ahadlsd says:

@khalsa3313 i heard from many people who own r15 easily go beyond 135kmph.
if ur bike only touches 125 kmph then its a shame.

Lpsroxxx says:

abe woh tjh jaise sardar hi le skte hai …….220 kele ka chilka
hai…..asal mein galti teri bhi nhi hai bs woh jo sar par mashin hai wahi
aise khyaal laati hai tmhaare dimag mein……lund tjhe itni si baat smjh
nhi aati….220fi arround 89k ki aati thi fir company ne tum jaise sardaaro
ka bada sardar bnada kch bina mashin waale sardaaro ka bhi or 220fi
discontinue krdi…..

Lpsroxxx says:

so we will show attitude nd wont show off lyk u moron assholes…..that
thing is a substitute(no matter poor or rich) of smething u cant
afford….thats what irritates u fuking moron assholes pulsar owners the


its all about the rider but i personnely feel that r15 nd apache rtr r made
for race tracks specially – pulsar is just a comutter bike not a race breed.

Ashutosh Bhadwal says:

because r15 is a child in the front of pulsar

thebash salazar says:


Lpsroxxx says:

tu randi k bachey woh chutia 22O or 200 ko bechkr rickshaw chala ..200ns ki
baad krta hai saala air colled engine chutia si bike mein agr lega toh keep
200ns in your anus……fucking sud….

Shaan Raza says:

bike go a lot more than 125… it is a real video… if its not going more
than 125… u need to learn that how to shift gears….!!!

eliuth netzahualkcoyotl says:

mas falso que nada yo tengo una 220 y la r15 jamas me ha ganado ni de broma

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