Topgolf tips to get your game back into gear

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RW says:

Taking a shit right now watching this at top golf lmfaooo

Keep It moving says:

This feels like an SNL Skit…the guy reminds me of Vince Vaughn

Cohen from Discord says:

I live in Miami and it never occurred to me that you can’t play golf all year round if you live in a state where it snows

BHT831 says:

Golf harder then I thought

Rapid Impulse says:

Bouta go to a top golf ima try there out

diliviof says:

My typical drive when I was beginning went one hundred fifty yards by slice. When I tried out these golf swing techniques, the regular drives I strike range between 200-220 yards. Sometimes even longer. My handicap has went from a 26 to a 16. Get yourself this guide now and do not miss the opportunity. I found this guide by Google. It calls Logan Ballοyshot
well wishes

Aswan Harris says:

ayyyeee this is really good. I learned this a few years back and I revert to it all the time. I notice it really helps to get me grounded. Awesome tip. Here was my first Top Golf experience

JabariWithNoFerrari says:

Currently watching this at the same TopGolf😂

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