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TOUR PROS HAVING A GO AT THEIR CADDIES The buggy time gang talk PGA tour pros and their golf caddies. Can they, should they and why do they lay into their caddies while on the golf course verbally. The Buggy Time boys talk losing oyur rag and having a go at the person who is trying to help you and help you play your best golf. With players like Bubba Watson, Jordan Spieth and others being caught and spread all lover social media when they get angry with their caddies what do you think about this issue on the golf course.

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Coinhunter 1958 says:

I think your analogy is a bit flawed. The caddy is not just another coworker in the office, he is your employee. Going off on an employee like that in public is inappropriate. Ultimately the player is responsible for the shots they hit and the club they pull, not the caddy. Love your videos.

kuvant456 says:

"Do  your  job"……flash the TS3 driver and the Footjoy logo in the first 10 seconds of a  fair and balanced discussion on golf.

Jacob Anderson says:

Can’t go with you on that one I’m afraid guys. With millions of impressionable kids watching, there is a responsibility to set a somewhat okay example. Bollocking or embarrassing your subordinate in front of a large audience is poor form. Particularly when it’s done with no respect.

I’ve seen this incident occur many times and it doesn’t matter how much you are paying them, there is a way to speak to people and a way not to. They deserve as much respect as everybody else.

Dave FFS says:

You are pro-bullying Mark, but that's not surprising seeing your passive aggression towards the other guys who play with you

Lee Ousby says:

Caddies are there not only to carry clubs but as cheerleaders and hype men! When I play with my mates if someone is having a bad round we know how to handle them to not upset them even more caddies do the same and know when and how to gee up or shut up!

Lee Ousby says:

On the flip side look at lowrys caddie in the open and telling Lowry to trust him…trusts him and plays an amazing shot. Lowrys caddie was instrumental in his win!

Gareth Herring says:

LOL’z!!! Mincemobile 😂

Drew S says:

Coach's twig legs made me laugh out loud!

Benjamin Fortin says:

I personally think some of it is a natural human reaction. If you think about it Golf is a game for most of us, but a job for these guys. I mean you are talking about their livelihood and a stroke lost on tour can mean a serious drop in earnings at the end of the week. However, there are times when I think it crosses a line. The throwing of clubs, damaging a green (or the course in general), or similar stuff is going too far.

Adrian says:

was this just made so you guys could tell Jim to start working properly

Jake Lindsay says:

The Spieth incident really irked me. Some stupid "hot mics" caught Jordan saying something to the effect of "Two perfect shots, Michael. You got me in the water on one and over the green on the other." Like how in the name of all that is good is that mean, rude, demeaning, or anything bad? It wasn't profain, it wasn't even yelling. Like you say – It's work, bruh!
I didn't love the Wallace incident. Kind of towering over him like he was going to pound him probably isn't cool. And guess what, they parted ways and the caddie hasn't publicly ripped him. Smart play – he'll be on a bag in no time if he already isn't.

BuzzLightyear says:

Audience participation is goddam annoying!!

Taylor Thurston says:

more buggy time, please.

Tony Atkinson says:

Yes, I can wear my T shirt with pride "all I do is hit the shots" is a great tag line…

Freedom Is Golf says:

I had a crappy day at work but this just turned it all around cheers guys

Petter emberson says:

TV/internet/ having a go at caddies has been going on for years, same as slow play. we're noticing it more now as we see it happening on the media we watch and talk on. same as a lot of things these days in our lives.

Sir TogII says:

Blowing off steam, part and parcel of the job. Any caddy that feels hard done by tells his boss to shove it and moves on.

Solomon Li says:

LOL!!! I love a good Buggy Time… This was a great topic. Like… seriously… why worry about it other than the fact that it makes for good drama, some good ratings, and some public opinions on how to treat someone like a human being in an emotional time.

The only real time I heard a caddie was done truly wrong was when Kuchar won that tournament in Mexico and basically didn't pay enough money to the clubhouse caddie on the bag for him… Just made him look like a complete cheapskate. Publicity wise that was a debacle.

Greg Murphy says:

Damn Muppet Caddie. Turning me into a lost ball boy walker. Lol

Ken Oath says:

Sure, if a Caddie made a big mistake of handing you the wrong club a bollocking would be in order but for the soft cock pro's that need someone to hold their hand to put together a decent round.. toughen the fvck up. No excuses for bad behavior.

Andrew Keightley says:

Buggy time, wearing my buggy time t-shirt is this paradise Bruhh stopp itttttt

Bruce Frank says:

Why was Rory giving me the finger?😉. Busting on your buddies is part of golf as far as I’m concerned. Have fun!

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