Tour Striker Golf Academy – How To Launch Your Driver – Martin Chuck, PGA

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21 thoughts on “Tour Striker Golf Academy – How To Launch Your Driver – Martin Chuck, PGA

  1. Martin

    Eight month after commented your video I still have question on the down
    swing sequence. You would agree the down swing starts with lower body,
    torso, then hands. I am confused how the hands can get lower than chest if
    we follow the down swing sequence?

  2. Hi Martin,
    Great video. Having the swing thought of my cheat lagging the actual impact
    helps prevent me from coming over the top. Does this driver tip also work
    for irons , hybrids and fairway woods? Thanks. David

  3. When I use my ‘nice’ swing I’m able to duplicate what you are doing in this
    video. However, when my animal instincts take over, and I really want to
    crush one, it feels like I’m snapping my wrists through the ball and the
    golf shaft is not able to keep up. The shaft is therefore left open and I
    get a banana ball. Is this a matter of practice, timing and technique to
    master, or is there simply never a place feel this snapping through impact

  4. Great drill. The arrow for where your chest “feels” like it’s pointing is a
    fantastic visual. I have used the setup before where the lines are painted
    on the ground with a straight target line and a 2nd line angled out to the
    right (like it’s pointing to right field) representing where you should
    feel like you are swinging towards. While the idea is good, I feel this
    visual is much more effective because simply keeping your chest pointed
    towards the X forces you to swing from the inside whereas with the other
    visual I always felt a bit like I was trying to guide the clubhead, if that
    makes sense.

  5. I really need some help with my driver swing. The biggest problem is my
    follow thru and finish. When I practice swing, a have a good follow thru
    and finish and I can hear the swoosh on my driver. However, when there is
    a ball in front of me, I decelerate big time before impact and I stop my
    swing right after impact with the shaft parallel to the ground. No
    complete finish no matter how hard I try. This is driving me crazy as I’m
    losing a significant amount of yardage. Please help me on this once you
    get the time. Thanks in advance.

  6. martin, i managed to self taught myself to play golf. at one point, i was a
    five handicap. wanting to get better, i took lessons, watched videos, read
    magazine, and spent a lot of times getting confused because i was so
    overloaded with complicated information. i don’t have the free time that i
    used to anymore, but i was able to play better and better every week
    because of your tips. clear and straight forward!

  7. This is one of our favorite mini-lessons on driving. To get a more
    effective strike and the potential to start hitting baby draws, check out
    this video and post your questions for us!

    Tour Striker Golf Academy – How To Launch Your Driver – Martin Chuck, PGA

  8. I like this video very much. The explanation is clear, and the
    demonstration is also crystal clear. Thanks for taking the effort and time
    to create and post this. I shall apply your instructions to-morrow on the
    range. Great stuff, Martin.

  9. Martin,I agree with Gene below.I think I get what you are saying here,and
    how to feel it.Should I be using this same method/feeling with all
    clubs/shots,or just with the driver?

  10. This video has transformed my driving, it just shows you can still improve
    even at the age of 70! In fact, I have found Martin Chuck’s videos so
    helpful I now feel I understand what I have to do to achieve an optimum
    strike with my irons in all types of situations. I am not saying I can
    always do it correctly but at least I now fully understand the mechanics of
    the golf swing and how to present the face of the club to the ball to
    achieve the best result. Thanks for your help! Barry Hall in the UK

  11. This is great stuff Martin, I love the way you look at the golf swing.
    I’ve also used looking at a spot, like where you have the x, as a method
    to get the correct path. I know how heavily you emphasize weight left with
    the irons but what about the driver. Where should the weight start on the
    driver swing and where does it go left? I have a good path but have
    trouble “hanging back” with the driver.

  12. Thanks Martin. Great tip. I really appreciate how you take something as
    complex as the golf swing and show us some easy to understand changes to
    improve it. Today on the golf course I focused on the inside out path with
    my driver and it really helped – I’ve come close to eliminating my slice.
    With the driver I am hitting a slight fade – so I still have some work to
    do. However with my iron shots, the club path in very steep, sometimes so
    much so that the club head is buried in the ground and I can’t complete the
    normal follow through. Any thoughts about typical causes of a steep swing
    path with irons?

  13. Genius idea and explanation of the slice phenomenon. Would this drill also
    work for push-slices due to face angle being open at impact or only ball
    flights that are starting left of target due to club face being closed at

    Merry Christmas from the UK. :)

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