Tracing some of golf’s best swings on the PGA TOUR

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Check out some of the best and most unique golf swings on the PGA TOUR in 2020 traced by Konica Minolta Swing Vision technology, including Justin Thomas, Phil Mickelson, Bryson DeChambeau, Dustin Johnson, Matthew Wolff, Tony Finau, Abraham Ancer, Viktor Hovland, Collin Morikawa and Jon Rahm.


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Marlon Black says:

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Pantone_Papi says:

The hips in the downswing always trip me out

Getshrekt408 says:

The music lol

Zwei Pierson says:

The disgusting waitress biomechanically practise because door semiannually meddle behind a tranquil relish. weak, flagrant rice

Niklas Nester says:

Love it! TNX an bunch, editor-guy ??


Where was tiger???

Paul Panamarenko Jr. says:

Best comp from PGA

lasernaysh89 says:

am i the only one that loves when faldo does commentary

D R says:

0:58 … "Weight hasn't shifted at all." Yeah, ok ?

Pulse2AM says:

I want to look good too! Just goes to show you it's where you finish up that matters most.

craigratio says:

Feel like Jon Rahm has the best swing on tour, 3/4 swing, simplistic but he’s perfected it.

Felipe Bellolio says:

What about niemann?

William Crownin says:

They’re all completely different!

Dylan Royer says:

This lil beat goes off though??

Brian Smith says:

You didn't include Adam Scott???

A B says:

Please stop teaching the swing just right of 2nd base. Outside of rahm all these guys finish left. It’s an arc, even if u come from the inside you have to arc left after contact.

Sergio carter says:

buenas la verdad amazing video me encanto ansioso de el proximo video me retiro les dejo besitos gracias

Peter Rumm says:

What’s this awful music?

John Moon says:

Really cool video. For those who don’t know all these players, could we get a name for each player vid?

Derek Braid says:

Amazing video, well done.

Keegan O'Brien says:

PGA you have to put RORY in cmon

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