Track My Golf App Review for Apple Watch

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BurgerBuns2187 says:

Love this tutorial! Will be getting an Apple Watch soon and was looking for a good golf app for when I’m on the course.

Cloud Central says:

Can I still enter the Apple Watch contest

John Byrnes says:

I have a Skycaddie Linx (watch). The battery went dead and they refuse to fix it, so I was looking for an alternative.

I found your fascinating software app and an Apple Watch. I went out immediately a purchased the Apple Watch Series 2 and downloaded and upgraded your TrackMyGolf Mobile App!

I then went out to play the premier resort course, Champion’s Gate Country Club, and could not find it among your courses. Champion’s Gate International and National were both included, but the one course that I was playing was not included. This whole purchase doesn’t make sense if you are not going to have courses included in Central Florida.

Can I search courses, like Skycaddie . . . ? This way I can make sure that this watch and software are useable.

golfmaniac007 says:

the only gadget i like on the course is a range finder. anything else just takes your mental focus away from the game.

Michael R Collins says:

Can I still get in the drawing for the apple watch

Mattias S says:

Hi! I dont get the swing autodetection to work. Im having WatchOS 2.1 and iphone 5s iOS 9.2. Any hints what can be wrong? Br mattias

Matthew Jones says:

You should definitely have a look at "game golf" which does a similar job to "Track my golf". Mark crossfield uses it on his channel and it looks like a great product.

Erik Bue says:

Awesome that you don't have to keep your phone on you at all times for yardage!

Jeffrey Liu says:

OMG it is Track My Golf!!!!

Roberto Franco says:

Did the battery of both the watch and the iPhone last for all the 18 holes?

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