Trackman Iron Test: Titleist T100 vs. 718 AP2

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Brand new from Titleist are the T100 irons, and while the T100s aren’t replacing the highly popular and successful AP2 franchise, players who have gamed AP2 irons in the past are most likely to gravitate toward T100 when it comes to the new T-series. Both irons are forged and offer exceptional feel and workability, but tungsten weighting also makes both more forgiving then their compact shape might suggest, while also making it easier to get the ball in the air with the mid and long irons. So how do T100 and 718 AP2 compare in terms of look, feel, and performance? 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell and staff writer Drew Mahowald decided to find out by testing both using the same shaft and Trackman 4 technology. You can find more information about all of Titleist’s new irons at Additionally, to see more YouTube videos from 2nd Swing and to subscribe to our YouTube channel, visit


Aly's Golf Studio says:

Have you put any of these top clubs up against the new pxg gen 3? I went for a test and fitting for the latter and loved them. Great looks, feel and great consistency for me- price point for now put me off changing to them compared to my apex cf19 but one never knows. Certainly probably the best feeling club I have hit in a long time and I tried and tested almost all the brands including the ping i500, tp760 (which I used to have and liked a lot) cobra forged tec and many more – though not the miura. Also found a shaft similar to my apex which worked well. Just curious what your assessment might be

mlb shark says:

there is two pros that went back to the ap2 from the t100s so i guess possibly that the ap2 have a better feel ?

ilumin zarza says:

I’m sticking with my AP2 218. Not much difference

WY S says:

I love the T100 because I was able to pick up a set of 718 AP2, that still had the plastic wrap on every club, as "used" club. Massive discount ?

Station 2Station says:

"and while the T100s aren’t replacing the highly popular and successful AP2 …". Actually, the T100's ARE replacing the AP2.

B Johnson says:

My takeaway is that the current AP2 owner wouldnt switch to the T 100

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