TrackMan lesson with Sean Foley

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TrackMan Lesson with Coach Sean Foley – Learn how the ball position can change Attack Angle and Club Path.


moreme40 says:

Moving the ball position has definitely helped me. I was a terrible slicer,
especially with the driver. I now play it just forward of middle. Also,
with a 10.5° driver I don’t need to tee very high to get plenty of loft 

canefan17 says:

Great point about moving ball back and sort of forcing the athlete to
recognize and adjust his normal OTT swing to a more in to out. If I had to
guess the learning curve would be… you’d hit a lot of dead pushes early
on. Strengthen the grip and continue to work in to out and you’d be on a
much better progression than a slicer who tries to cure it all by moving
ball forward (so face can square) but no mechanical changes take place.

PathWayToThePGATour says:

i dont understand? hit down on the driver 1.7 is a steep angle to hit down
on a drive mine is around 3 up he is going to loose distance and roll out
just more carry 

Essex Golf says:

Trackman® provides the most accurate data for both swing and ball flight
and we have it at Essex Golf Performance Lab.

How To Buy Gold Coins says:

Very nice video Thanks for posting it

mcgroogtube says:

Great video guys, Sean sounds like a very knowledgable guy. He is modern
day and likes the tech of the game but i think he can also really use the
tech he finds and put it to use physically.

Marvin Gonzalez says:

Thanks for the vid guys. Always a pleasure to watch Sean explain how he
uses Trackman to teach. Truly one of the best instructors around these days

johann DE ZAN says:

QUESTION: obviously, the student just did hit his driver a bit on the heel,
so after changing ball position back in his stance, what would be the next
advice to hit the ball closer to the center of the club face ???? Thank you

gerome vincent says:

108 swing speed is kinda slow.. still got it out there over 300

Jordan Meas says:

Ryan Corbin’s got a great swing

Iain Highfield says:

Brilliant video. Sean seems like a great guy and obviously knows his work.

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