Trackman Testing: Titleist TS4 vs. TS3

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2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell has been playing the Titleist TS3 driver this season and he chose that driver in large part thanks to the low spin rates and high ball speeds it produces for him. With Titleist having now released the new TS4 driver, which was designed to even further lower spin, Campbell and 2nd Swing staff writer Drew Mahowald decided to test the new TS4 against Campbell's TS3 to see how each performed using a Trackman 4 launch monitor. For more information about the Titleist TS4 and TS3 drivers visit To see more YouTube videos from 2nd Swing and to subscribe to our YouTube channel, visit


jergernice1 says:

should show carry numbers. i havent had 50 yards of roll on a driver in years….trackman(arizona during drought)

hbyrdut says:

Thomas, the numbers lead us to believe that you hit the TS4 closer to the center of the club head but all of the drives except 2 you said you didn't hit as good as you could. Is that just the feel of the TS4 or why do you think that is?

Haleilei C says:

I like a small head driver ….

nick vorbeck says:

He keeps saying he didn’t hit it well but the smash is on screen at 1.49 and 1.48…maybe you’re just a dick

Adam says:

This comparison was exactly what I was looking for…unfortunately I cannot learn anything from this! These results are so inconsistent it's ridiculous that you even attempted to draw ANY conclusion!! I appreciate the effort but this video is completely useless lol…

Sean Sunyoon says:

That dude should play TS1 12.5 or TS2 11.5, not TS3 8.5 or TS4. Ego isn't helping here.

Paul O'Neil says:

On your 8.5 degree TS3 head:
– when you add loft, you are closing the face
– when you make it upright, you have the face aimed left
Your gamer is a left driver – the issue being is now that it is more 'knife edge' in terms of being controllable because you are forcing yourself to compensate for this Left setup – and as a result, it is not surprising that you get an occasional straight block & then some Left draws/hooking drives (all things being equal)

When you set up the 9.5 TS4 head, you 'only' made it upright – thus less extreme, thus more loft launch (from reduced rotating closing) thus tighter dispersion with the increased backspin to reduce draw spin loft

My personal opinion is your 8.5 TS3 driver is too low loft as it is killing your launch @ 10 degrees given your 109 clubhead speed and you would be better in the 9.5 head in an upright setting for curvature control instead of having both an upright / toe up head and a closed faced head

I have played extensively with this exact double closed setup – and after much experimentation in both low lofted 13 degree type lofted 3woods and 9 degree lofted drivers, I have concluded that you want to pick one of them – either closing the face /adding loft or upright shaft setting to aim the toe left (or Flat to aim the toe right) – when you add both, it can work when you are dialled in, but ultimately it is too knife edged and gives you 'mostly' the shot you want but then also gives you a hard left and a total block right – and then you start losing your mind, start playing with all your setup angles and you get lost chasing a good setup.

I have chased all these setups endlessly, and after much trial and error, I have come to the following conclusion:
– if it is a scoring club such as a hybrid or a 3/4/5wood that you hit into greens, adding loft (face closing), or decreasing loft (opening the face) works better
– if it is a driving for distance club that you are trying to pick a certain shape (draw / fade), then lie angle (upright or flat) is the way to go
– if you need both (upright & closed) or (flat & open) then you need to fix your face to path
– the exception to the above is that most modern drivers are coming Draw biassed (mostly lie angle) from the factor because every beginner golfer slices the ball – so, from a driver perspective, the open the face and weight in the toe, is now a goto setup for many low handicap golfers who actually present a square face and don't want the ball to hook (Ping G410, TS3, M5, Epic Flash & Subzero all allow this setup)

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