Trail Elbow Leads Way to More Distance

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If you want more pars, let's check your sequence to ensure that your angles created during the backswing are being stored and then unleashed at the right time during the swing.

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maeu59 says:

Also maintain posture with side bend.

vimal Mittal says:

U r the best and sexiest woman alive in sport.

allen D says:

u did a great job explaining the golf swing and i thank u. I guess women are superior to men!

Neil Foster says:

very clear explanation of THE critical move that distinguishes good to great amateurs (and pros). It's physics……lag maximizes club head speed like a cat-of-nine-tails whip effect. I especially like the one R arm on the inverted club drill as a way to reinforce the position in the downswing. Ben Hogan was a master at this move. Thank you !!

Kevin Cass says:

Nice job! Thanks ?

Will says:

Very impressed with the explanation. I shall be back to comment on my success or unsuccess with those instructions !

Mark Zalenski says:

I have found that hitting balls with a nine iron or pitching wedge using only my left hand ( right hand for right-handers) will help to ingrain this feeling as there is no way to hit the ball correctly unless you preserve the form that Christina is showing here.

Ed Fox says:

Same thing my pro is working with on…this helps me remember what I need to do..contrary to my ingrained habits of over 40 years great lesson

Mike Merritt says:

Thanks, I practiced this on the range after every 4th or 5th shot. It really helped!!

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